Kingdom Hearts: A Missing Link: 10 Things That Should Be Included

Kingdom Hearts: A Missing Link: 10 Things That Should Be Included ...

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series were treated to an unexpected trailer exposing a new mobile game set in the Kingdom Hearts universe. The series' 20th Anniversary event included scenes from Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, as well as the unveiling of the event.

Fans of Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link are familiar with the vast array of platforms its games have been limited to, without taking into account title releases on mobile devices.

10 Character Customization

Kingdom Hearts: Union X [Cross] was the first instance in the series where the player was permitted to create and customize their character. However, the unveiling of the Missing Link trailer has informed fans that they will be able to do this once more, but the scope of the customization is unknown.

Although the unusual variation of outfits seen in the trailer encourages an idea of limitless customization, there may be a limited number of outfits available. The outfits shown in the trailer appear to conform to one particular style, implying that restrictions on how a character might be experimented with. Missing Link would be a much more engaging game if this feature is quickly remedied.

9 Scala Ad Caelum Exploration

The end of Kingdom Hearts 3 allowed the player to explore the ancient city of Scala ad Caelum. However, fans were aware of the location in its entirety, although this was not to happen.

Fans were fazed by how little they saw of this beautiful world with Missing Link, which is primarily set in Scala, and there is a high possibility it will be significantly larger than its previous depictions.

8 Improved Pacing

The following was a series of levels that implied little interest to the plot, but Missing Link has the chance to change this.

Scala may be interested in exploring its huge dominion, but the gameplay of the trailer suggests a variety of other explorable worlds. Scala may be able to tell it with improved pacing.

7 An Appropriate Grind

Grinding is considered a difficult, but rewarding task for the game, which is renowned for the time and effort it takes to level up a character.

Unfortunately, the majority of mobile games include in-game transactions that allow for faster leveling. However, those who wish to level on their terms may discover the entire process becoming much more difficult than they imagined. Missing Link's leveling system will be a great addition to its previous versions.

6 Unique Keyblades

Keyblades have become some of the most sought-after modes of combat in gaming history. However, Union X [Cross] marked the first series entry where the player could level up their Keyblade, but in Missing Link, there might be a level of customization.

Given the vast array of Keyblades present in the Missing Link trailer, it seems probable that these weapons will be altered. Their simple and detailed designs suggest that Keyblade development will result in a shift in aesthetic, as well as an improvement in combat abilities. However, fans are willing to use keys that convey their personality.

5 Regular Updates

Although the beginning of Union X [Cross] saw regular story updates, it was gradually decreased as a result of the sequel's consistency. With weeks turning to months, fans of the title were only seldom given the story pieces they desired, resulting in a lack of interest and understanding of the plot's overall plot.

To gain access to the previous mobile games, the story of Missing Link must be updated regularly. Regular story updates will allow for a more cohesive story while preventing it from becoming unreliable.

4 Engaging Side Events

Though many fans are interested in learning about Missing Link's story, others are eager to discover the next title's side events. Union X [Cross] had a habit of incorporating a variety of adventures to fill in the gaps in its story, so this new entry will likely aim to do the same.

The absence of the Colosseum in Kingdom Hearts 3 was a surprise to long-term fans, but with the announcement of Missing Link, it may return. The multiplayer capabilities may increase its once limited design by allowing multiple fans to combine forces to overcome their enemies.

3 New Enemies

Many iconic enemies have gained the opportunity to make multiple appearances owing to their popularity and artistic designs. With the Missing Link trailer revealing the presence of Darkside, fans are eager to see what other evil creatures will appear.

Due to their already existing abilities, Kingdom Hearts 3 enemies will likely return. It is also a shame for Missing Link to depend too heavily on its previous enemies.

2 More Of Brain's Backstory

Brain is likely to play a crucial role in Missing Link's plot, as described in the trailer's final moments. Although he is only briefly seen during the trailer's opening scenes, it is safe to assume that his involvement will not be limited to brief shots and allusions.

After the events of the Union X finale, this new rendition of Brain may reveal Brain's position, which is confirmed to be a different Brain to those who are familiar with it. Missing Link may also explain why.

1 Exciting Combat

Given the previous themes of Kingdom Hearts mobile games, fans of the series were ecstatic to discover the Missing Link gameplay segment. No longer limited to two-dimensional backgrounds and sprites, this upcoming title seems equally promising as Kingdom Hearts 3.

The Missing Link trailer has revealed that combat will not be as simple as it was in its previous mobile titles. It appears that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be a central component of the game's combat, but how much will it be transferred to mobile hardware? The combat appears promising, but there are also more exciting abilities and abilities than it has previously shown.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link will receive a closed beta test in 2022.