Season 6 Promo for 'Better Call Saul': Gene Takes Matters Into His Hands

Season 6 Promo for 'Better Call Saul': Gene Takes Matters Into His Hands ...

While Saul Goodman/Gene Takavic will be released in just a week, the next six episodes of Better Call Saul will feature two teasers, with Takavic as the alias he receives at Breaking Bad.

The first promotional material, which begins with the Cinnabon dinner, primarily shows footage previously shown. Saul Goodman/Gene Takavic's life in Omaha is quiet before a taxi driver announces "It's you," recognizing Saul. Odenkirk's character then vows to "fix it."

Each season, which has become a tradition for Better Call Saul, starts with his Omaha life (in black and white), although this part of the story is certainly kept secret for the last couple of episodes, according to the creators. Many questions remain in the balance (namely the fate of Kim Wexler) and audiences are eager to see how Saul/Gene's conclusion goes after Breaking Bad.

In the second teaser, Gene continues to get "getting made" by the taxi driver in season five, which encouraged Gene to express his love for the malls, and prompted him to say "better call Saul." Gene's return to New Mexico might also be emphasized as a result of an Albuquerque air freshener in the taxi.

Kim and Lalo's stories will be likely concluded in the last six episodes, given that neither character appeared in Breaking Bad. Theories have sparked panic ever since both actors became on the show, and the last episode only fueled this fire. Both Gilligan and Gould are certainly equipped with some tricks that they are looking forward to.

Fans have eagerly waited this long run of episodes since Season six of Season 6. Gilligan and Gould will also handle some directing duties in this final run, including directing episodes in seasons one and four. Michelle MacLaren was nominated for two Emmy Awards for her directing with Breaking Bad.

The last episodes of the series will also feature Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut and Giancarlo Esposito as Gustavo Fring. The same week, Carol Burnett announced that she would also appear in these episodes, portraying a new character named Marion.

On Monday, July 11, Better Call Saul will be released. Check out the teasers below: