The Return of Infinity Wards RPG Should Be a Continuation of Call of Duty: Ghost Extinction Mode

The Return of Infinity Wards RPG Should Be a Continuation of Call of Duty: Ghost Extinction Mode ...

Infinity Ward has exclusively developed Call of Duty games and content for over a decade. As a result, job listings indicated that an Infinity Ward Poland subsidiary is recruiting a narrative director for an open world game. While many might be interested in a non-Call of Duty game from Infinity Ward, there is a possibility for this game to be an extension of an underrated co-op established by the studio.

Extinction was a robust co-op offering with plenty of potential, although the end result might be interesting. AlthoughCall of Duty: Ghosts is often seen as one of the worst entries in the immensely successful franchise, it was also a solid co-op offering. However, its narrative was strong, and its presentation might create an interesting spin-off game that is totally different from what Call of Duty is usually.

What Was Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Mode

Extinction tended to be round-based as Zombies usually is, focusing on replayability. Players selected between one of four classes, filling a specific role in each match, with additional weapons acquired as the game progresses. Cryptids, an alien race formed up of several different enemies, including the massive Rhino and flying Gargoyles, were among the players.

The story focuses on worlds' attempts to defeat the unstoppable Cryptids, but these attempts are eventually futile. Extinctions' mission-focused gameplay has not been reviewed. However, the Cryptids and the ruined earth from Extinction's final map might provide the perfect enemies and setting for the Infinity Wards open world RPG.

A wide-ranging World RPG set in the Extinction Universe might be beneficial.

Infinity Ward has a few options when it comes to the protagonist in a hypothetical Extinction game. It might retcon the death of the superpowered Samantha Cross, who died off-screen on an icy planet before the events of Infinite Warfares Beast from Beyond. If Cross was brought back, players might gain new abilities, leveraging skill trees similar to those seen in RPGs. Another option would be a random survivor trapped on the post-apocalyptic, Cryp

Infinity Wards' RPG might be similar to the Metro series, with players must scavenge for ammo and weapons in a world overcome by horrifying monsters. All of the Cryptid variants seen in Extinctions maps might be brought back, as well as new monsters to fight. For example, it is easy to imagine boss battles against the mode's Mammoths, resulting in players to strategize and spend much of their hard-earned resources.

While the comparison of Call of Duty: Ghosts and the franchise as a whole might be interesting, and it would still allow players to jump right in and experience the game with no prior knowledge of Extinction. This open world RPG from Infinity Ward might be something completely unrelated to Call of Duty, but it may also be a fun way to bring back the most underappreciated content.