All Secret Red Medal Times by Neon White

All Secret Red Medal Times by Neon White ...

Neon White is a "female game" made by the developer in his own words. This statement does not imply Neon White's anime art style or occasional risque dialogue, although it might be part of it. It implys that the game was designed for speed runners.

Neon White, a high-precision speedrun shooter, caters to players who will spend hours shaving off mere milliseconds. While this sort of dedication is not required to get Neon White's finest end, players who intend to improve their times will benefit from the game.

The game is awarded medals based on completion times for each level. It goes from bronze to silver, to gold, and then to the platinum-colored ace medals. However, the secret tier above them all is the elusive red medals.

Neon White's Red Medals

There's a good reason why the game hides the red medals from most players. If players thought they needed them to 100% Neon White, more would have given up from the start. They're all optional and don't count towards the player's completion rate.

Each level's red medal time is the developer's own record. It's awarded to players who have surpassed the game's own creators, a feat only possible when the player understands Neon White's mechanics and levels inside and out. For those who are up for the challenge, each level's time is listed below:

Neon White is now available for PC and Switch.