Derek Hough, a DWTS judge, has shared a very special video with DWTS fans

Derek Hough, a DWTS judge, has shared a very special video with DWTS fans ...

Derek Hough, who worked with Dancing With the Stars before the 2022 Academy Awards, and his siblings are making a dancing special for ABC. Today, they are taking viewers behind the scenes of Step Into the Movies, and it is a huge success for the Hough siblings.

Derek presented the video for fans by saying, "I have a very, very special video for you all today." Step Into the Movies, which was a special that we created for ABC. I just want to show you behind the scenes, show you what happened to the film, and it was so quick and furious. It's always fun to check out and see what's going on behind the cameras. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Julianne Hough was left speechless in the Saturday Night Fever scene.

Julianne confessed on the set of filming Derek's Saturday Night Fever dance sequence with dancer Jenna Dewan.

Can I just say your high kick, I've never seen you dance like this before. Youre so choppy, Julianne, adds. It was certainly the coolest thing I've ever seen. Im actually kind of speechless.

She said she hasn't felt like she has done this kind of elevated dancing in a really long time.

I feel like I had walked and sang and sounded like I was doing what I wanted to do, but this is in a groin cinematic way, according to Julianne on the set for All That Jazz from Chicago, adding. This just felt so elevated and I haven't felt like that in a really long time.

Dereks Fiancee Hayley Erbert Said She Felt Like Shed Been in a Washing Machine

The Moulin Rouge number Tango de Roxanne was performed by Dereks season 17 Mirrorball Trophy-winning partner Amber Riley. Hayley Erbert, the girlfriend of Dereks, said she felt like she had been kicked through a washing machine and a dryer.

My nerves will wreak havoc on me. I feel like I've been in a washing machine, thrown and then into a dryer, and tumbled a few times, according to Hayley.

Derek congratulated Amber on her performance after she filmed Tango de Roxanne. She sang the whole thing from that song, which is remarkable.

The Final Day of Filming Was Singing in the Rain

Derek was on the verge of re-creating Gene Kellys' famous dance sequence from Singing the Rain for the third day, and Derek admitted that he was extremely depressed, but it was time to push through for this famous figure.

I'm feeling it today. Weve been having these long shoots, all of these performances have been incredible. Im also feeling a little tired, but am adamantly pushing through because we want to make some film magic, and today's is a really, really important one becuase it is Singing in the Rain.

For several reasons, he added that the number Singing in the Rain was the most technically difficult of the entire special.

Im trying these rubber souls because they were going to have to dance on wet concrete. This one is the most technical as far as we have some costume changes, some little bit of movie magic so were going to need to do a little bit of effort to make things work. This is going to be a bit complicated, but he will, too, conclude.

Derek gets a fun sneak peek at rehearsals by seeing his rubber souls on the wet ground and he claims that Gene Kelly is my hero, someone I admire so much, so this is very special to be able to do this kind of nod to him and to this beautiful piece.

In his video caption, Derek revealed that this special was completed in ten days from start to finish, and it was also a challenging task.

This fall, Dancing With the Stars returns for its 31st season on Disney Plus.