The Battlefield Job Listing Is a Look at the Return of a Single-Player Campaign

The Battlefield Job Listing Is a Look at the Return of a Single-Player Campaign ...

The Battlefield franchise has a long history of compelling single-player offerings. However, titles such as Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 1 are both remembered fondly. In this day and age, however, the cost of engaging single-player campaigns and the desire for high-quality and accessible multiplayer games has led Battlefield to leave its legacy behind. That may be a mistake in the near future.

A job listing a position at Electronic Arts' Battlefield Seattle Studio, which is thought to be primarily focused on creating single-player campaigns for the Battlefield franchise, has helped paint a clear picture. The role is a design director and has previously been described as directing and managing the "design elements necessary to achieve a fantastic one-player experience."

Part of the role overview for the Design Director continues to entail the endeavor that Battlefield Seattle Studio is doing. It states that the goal of the game is to "embrace the core tenets of the Battlefield franchise" and ensure that they are "woven through all stages of a masterfully designed single player campaign." As such, the Design Director will lead the development of an "amazing campaign" from concept to completion.

It's not entirely a surprise that the new Battlefield Seattle Studio is working on a single-player Battlefield campaign. A Twitter post from Lianne Cruz in April revealed that she had been hired to the studio as the studio's Animation Director. However, Cruz referred to the team as the Battlefield Campaign Seattle Studio, adding in the "campaign," as if it was the team's character. It was also affirmed by Battlefield game director Marcus Lehto, who responded and welcomed her to the team.

While single-player campaigns will only be absent for Battlefield 2042, there will be a lot of Battlefield fans interested to hear that future games in the franchise may once again include them. If anything, having a full campaign in a full-priced game will make customers feel like they're earning their money.

Even with this job listing, as well as others, and the Battlefield Seattle Studio being referred to the campaign studio, nothing is certain. It isn't clear if every Battlefield game will have single-player campaigns going forward. It isn't clear when these single-player campaigns will begin coming to completion, either. It might yet be some time before Battlefield is doing single-player again, or it might be included in the next game. Time will tell.

A new Battlefield is in development.