Why was Wicked's film adaptation in two parts?

Why was Wicked's film adaptation in two parts? ...

The Broadway musical Wicked will be divided into two parts, according to Digital Spy, and Stephen Schwartz told The Schwartz Scene why.

Schwartz, the composer and lyricist for the original musical, explained that it was initially planned as one long film, but it would have meant cutting things.

"We kept going into two problems," Schwartz said. "The first is that even as a very long single film, it required us to cut or omitting things that we wanted to include."

Er explained that viewers of the Broadway show would appreciate the decision to produce two films.

After the song 'Defying Gravity,' Schwartz explained how the show has an intermission, which appeared to be a good place to separate the films.

"We found it very difficult to get past 'Defying Gravity' without a break. That song is designed specifically to bring a curtain down, and whatever scene sounded it without a break just seemed massively anti-climactic.

"So, for these two reasons, plus the joy of doing something that was never done before with a musical, we have decided to do two movies," he added.

Part One will be available on December 25, 2024, and Part Two will be available a year later, on December 25, 2025.

As Glinda and Elphaba, Jon M Chu will play Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo.

Chu reveals on Twitter that his decision to split the film in two allowed the story to be better interpreted.

"As we prepared the production over the last year, it became increasingly clear that it would be impossible to combine Wicked's narrative in a single film without doing anything significant damage," says the producer.

Wicked will play in theatrical events across the world on December 25, 2024, and December 25, 2025.

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