Are you interested in time travel? The Orville Season 3 episode 6 promo

Are you interested in time travel? The Orville Season 3 episode 6 promo ...

What you can expect as we prepare for Season 3 of Hulu this Thursday, but before this weekend, we knew it was Twice in a Lifetime, and now, Seth MacFarlane has posted a promo with hints on what will happen.

There is no doubt that were looking at another extraordinary episode; at this point, the post-production team is abundantly clear there is no room for disruption there. When it comes to the story itself, the text in the preview is what leaves us the most curious: this family is stronger than time.

What is the reality in the world? It's a suggestion that different events play out across several timelines, or that the audience may be forced to deal with individual choices in a variety of ways. It's entirely clear that we were going to see the show play around with traditional storytelling parameters, and of course we appreciate that.

The whole trailer for A Tale of Two Topas was a misdirect. Rather, we ended up getting a poignant look at gender identity and one of the most emotionally significant episodes thatThe Orville has ever produced. Right now, the most painful thing was that we were already halfway up. How has our own time gone by so quickly?

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This Thursday, a brand-new episode of The Orville: New Horizons will be released! Prepare yourself for the unintentional #TheOrville #TheOrvilleNewHorizons

Seth MacFarlane (@SethMacFarlane) July 2, 2022