9 Things You Should Know About Killua in Hunter x Hunter

9 Things You Should Know About Killua in Hunter x Hunter ...

Killua is one of the main characters in Yoshihiro Togashi's Hunter x Hunter series. He was introduced in the Hunter Exam as one of the competitors, and he became great friends with Gon, the main character of the story, and has been so important to the plot ever since.

Due to his background, Killua is also a ferocious fighter and a person who even Hunter x Hunter's expert Nen users fear in combat. Although Killua is considered one of the most popular characters in the series, fans learn a lot about him, but some things have not been seen before.

9 Killua's Age

Killua Zoldyck was 11 years old when he was given the first Hunter exam. According to him, he was almost 12 years old when he was asked to take the exam again a year and a half later, meaning he was 13 or 14. years of age at the time.

Although he hasn't made an appearance in the story since the Chairman Election arc, supporters expect to see more of him in the upcoming arcs soon.

8 Killua's Family

Killua is one of the most famous characters in Hunter x Hunter's life, and much of that has to do with his family. He comes from a family of assassins known as the Zoldyck family.

This group, led by Silva Zoldyck, is well-known for its dazzling characters at one point or the other. Killua, Silva's third-youngest child, has the most potential out of his children, putting him in charge of his performances.

7 Killua's Skill

He became an early hunter after earning his Hunter license. To this day, he boasts that he is far above the average rookies. Over the course of time, he has evolved into a professional fighter who is capable of combating even experienced Hunters without any problem.

Killua gained enormous abilities in the Chimera Ant arc, which allowed him to momentarily trade blows with the likes of the Royal Guards of Meruem.

6 Killua's Nen Type

Killua is a Nen user who was able to change the flavor of water during the water divination experiment. This means he has the ability to alter the appearance of his aura and make it mimic something completely different.

Gleichzeitig, Killua may modify the shape of his Nen aura, and as a result, he has mastered this skill significantly. With his amazing abilities when it comes to Transmutation Nen, Killua has been seen transmuting his aura into electricity on several occasions.

5 Killua's Strongest Abilities

It is no surprise to know that Killua is a fantastic Nen user. He has gained a few advanced skills over the years. Godspeed, which means his speed in combat is dramatically increased by using his electrical abilities.

Godspeed is a combination of two Nen techniques, namely Whirlwind, which allows Killua to make his movements automatic on external stimuli, and Speed of Lightning, which allows him to keep in charge of his body even when he strikes at extremely high speeds.

4 Electricity Resistance

Killua was educated by his family to resist electricity since he was young. Due to the intense training he received, he is now almost immune to electricity, as seen on several occasions throughout the Hunter x Hunter series.

Killua can resist voltages of electricity that have previously been sufficient to stifle decent users of Nen, such as Sub. Moreover, he could also resist voltages that have been a problem for Menthuthuyoupi, one of the Chimera Ant Army's royal guards.

3 Poison Resistance

Killua has an incredible resistance to many kinds of poisons, toxins, and even chemicals, and all of which is attributed to the torture he suffered as a part of the Zoldyck family while growing up.

Fans may see Killua being harmed after receiving the drinks that Tonpa, the Hunter x Hunter villain, provided during the Hunter Exams, which would have forced other participants to skip the exams instantly by dehydrating them. Against Mosquito, Killua once again said that the toxic chemicals being used on his body simply didn't faze him.

2 Killua's Assassin Mode

Killua has a much-needed combat game, known as Assassin Mode. While he does not always use it, he enters a much more focused state in which all his abilities are boosted to a new level.

When he is in this state, Killua simply concentrates on killing his adversaries, and to do so, he removes all hesitation from his heart. According to Killua, when he is in this state, there is certainly a difference in power in his opinion.

1 Amazing Nen Control

Even if Killua isn't capable of having the highest Nen output, his control over this power is beyond doubt enormous and difficult to achieve over the years.

With a margin of error lower than 1%, Killua's Nen would be distributed evenly across his body, according to Bisky. According to her, attaining this level of mastery was not even possible before her 20s. Since then, Killua's control over his Nen has only improved.