Season 9 of The Flash: To expect a spin-off, please see the video below

Season 9 of The Flash: To expect a spin-off, please see the video below ...

It's already clear that The Flashseason 9 will start rolling on The CW sometime in 2023. However, there are still some questions that may be addressed. Take, for example, the notion of if the season is the final.

If season 9isthe ends, then it's pretty fair that viewers out there would probably wonder about a spin-off. Weve seen so many across the Arrowverse already and whenever this show goes, youre basically signaling the end of an era. Superman and Lois have just confirmed that it is doing its own thing for Stargirl, which has been quite clear for a while.

While it may be possible that there be a postponement here soon, it is certainly not the focus forThe Flashshowrunner Eric Wallace right now. Here's what he had to say about it when asked by Deadline:

No, because you don't have to think about spinoffs until you realize youre not coming back, and now, after all, I would say to the audience: If you have some characters that we have introduced in the past few years, then you should just send them to The CW. So, since I will just keep focused on The Flash right now, before I start concentrate on anything else.

We think this would be a spin-off toThe Flashright right now, because Justice Upilot is in the works, although the Arrowverse did not intend to become Green Lantern, and there are certain changes in it. Even if the network was not entirely optimistic, it would be very clear that it will move away from this and be keen to build a more cohesive cinematic universe down the road.

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