How To Unlock Every Secret Ending From Birushana

How To Unlock Every Secret Ending From Birushana ...

Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei has a well-deserved reputation for revealing a total of five potential romance interests that heroine Shanao must choose between. After all, who might doubt something so obvious? There are five young men on the game's cover, five story paths, and each path is wait for it specific to one of those strapping young men.

It's like a "cased close" kind of arrangement. That's until players discover that four additional romance partners await... kind of. These "sub-romances" aren't a separate route. They don't have much going on at all, according to truth be told. They each offer a snapshot into how Shanao's life would unfold if certain decisions were made.


How to Unlock Every "If" Ending

If Birushana ends the term "If," a word that says the enormous "what if" that is always creeping at our minds, as we question how our own paths in life might have gone, it's difficult to argue that Shanao doesn't have a difficult life in Birushana, and her mind is constantly racing to keep up with her circumstances.

What if things had gone a bit sideways from what the game's flowchart neatly presents us? In essence, here's all you need to know about each sub-romance. Well, that and the practical explanation for it. Finally, you may proceed to a certain point on each flowchart and witness an alternate path that is divided accordingly.

The "if" endings are linked to individual real endings. This makes sense given the alternative romance character's relative degree of prominence in those particular paths. Let's go further, then! These guidelines will be short and sweet, all the better to suit your brief (but frightening!) new unlocks.

Many players will consider these to be spoilers by their nature. While the odds are great that by clicking on this guide, you knew what you were in for, now is the time to look away otherwise!

In no particular order:

  • Tadanobu: Complete Benkei's route. After witnessing its final scenes and unlocking the gorgeous CG, jump back into the flowchart. Head to 6-1 on his path, which reveals the Tadanobu ending.
  • Shigehira: Yep, there exists an alternate timeline in which Shanao gets together with Shigehira of all people. Simply complete Tomomori's path and check 5-1.
  • Tsugunobu: This one is linked to Shungen. Finish Shunge's route, and then investigate the flowchart's 5-2.
  • Takatsuna: For Takatsuna, make it to the end of Yoritomo's route and then click on 6-2.

No, you missed anything. Poor Noritsune's route does not lead to a sub-romance. Perhaps we should not say "poor" Noritsune. He's the sole choice with the possibility not to include anyone else.