7 Hilarious Switch vs. Wii U Memes

7 Hilarious Switch vs. Wii U Memes ...

The Switch is the most popular Nintendo console since the Wii, and has hundreds of physical and digital games. Given its success, it is easy to forget the odd improbable glitch: the Wii U.

The Wii U was meant to be the Wii's successor, and potential purchasers were concerned by it when it was released. Instead, it was a standalone console with a 480p touchscreen. Neither third-party nor an embarrassing marketing campaign from Nintendo made the puzzle. It's remarkable, but the console's performance ensures that people don't want to look too bad to see it in comparison to the Switch.

7 I Tip My Hat To You, One Legend To Another

Rango, a 2011 Nickelodeon film, was a bizarre, heartfelt tribute to the Spaghetti westerns of yesteryear, when a pet chameleon must take on the role of a sheriff, and desert creatures filled with for cowboys and townspeople.

While Beans, the chameleon in the stetson, takes on the role of the Wii U, and just looks at him. The Switch has exceeded the level of success that the Wii U only dreamed of forever, to live in the shadow of its predecessor and its successor. It will not be getting the LEGO treatment any time soon.

Nintendo Consoles: 6 Wii U Is The Squidward

The Wii U paved the way for the Switch. Players had the option to play games on the television or on the game pad, thus as long as the console was in charge, they had limited freedom with where they played. Nintendo changed and improved the concept with the Switch, and the console practically sold itself.

This meme from Xate1031 on Reddit shows how Nintendo tried so hard and failed with the Wii U. The poor system never got a break. Meanwhile, the Wii Us rich, successful foil is rolling in dollars.

5 Wii U Wii U Wii U!!!

One way Nintendo changed the name was by itself. Gamers squibbed their heads, wondering what the meaning of the U was. The actual name sounded like a noise an ambulance makes.

This meme from Adam on knowyourmeme.com has fun with the pun. Two juxtaposed photographs of a Wii Remote and a Switch joy con each have a knife attached at their ends, as the wielders threaten to make the kid-friendly consoles M-rated. The resulting confrontation requires an ambulance: Wii U Wii U!

4 Wii U: The Poor Mans Switch

The Nintendo Switch console has a lot of advantages over the Wii U, including increased games and greater portability. One thing that the Wii U does have right now is that it is a cheaper option for some games.

This meme from zeden-725 on Reddit demonstrates this dynamic perfectly. While the Switch has received new ports of Wii U exclusives, some original Wii U releases go for fairly cheap right now. At least they are cheap for the moment, until the Wii U eShop shuts down. Finally, physical copies will be difficult to come by. Some Wii U games are already asking prices.

3 Im Making My Own Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch models are omnipresent. One may buy the system anywhere, whether new or used. Without the usual switching features that made its older brother famous, they may buy an original model, an OLED model, or a Switch Lite. If one is interested, they may make their own Switch.

This detikinet meme depicts a Wii U game pad being broken by a pair of scissors. This Switch with the joy cons attached is essentially the game pad with the actual console components built in, so this is a humorous twist on the system.

2 Poor Xenoblade Chronicles X

The majority of Wii U titles have been ported on the Switch, with several big exceptions. These include the HD remasters of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

The Nintendo version of Xenoblade Chroniclesfranchise, which follows a migrant from the future Earth on a distant alien planet, is dismayed. Unfortunately, the Xenoblade franchise is doing well on the Switch platform. However, there is no one else Wii U game that appears to have been forgotten by Nintendo.

1 After Smash Ultimate, It Was All Over

Super Smash Bros was the first game to allow up to eight players at once, including custom Mii Fighters. Smash 4 also released some new characters, including Ryu from Street Fighter and Pac-Man.

Then, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was built with virtually every Smash character in existence, and then some. It became one of the major selling points of the Switch console. However, some people are still playing Smash 4 on the Wii U today.