When will the NBC premiere date and trailer for Magnum PI Season 5?

When will the NBC premiere date and trailer for Magnum PI Season 5? ...

We can all take a collective breath of relief as we know that NBC will launch aMagnum PIseason 5. In the meantime, we may focus on several other fun topics with a little more certainty.

Take a look at when NBC will actually unveil further news on their newly-acquired show. Its great to have the announcement overnight on Friday, but there are a few additional details to keep the press release going. There were also two seasons of ten episodes each and possibly more, depending on how they performed.

Prepare to be surprised if the network is planning to release a lot of details on a season 5 premiere date in the next month. However, the wait for more official insight will be lengthy. In the short run, the NBC focus is going to broaden their offerings, especially when it comes to television production. This is because, in the end, it's very likely to be able to identify more guests.

If we get around to October or November, thats when some suggestions or replies may be made; much of it will depend on if the network is planning season 5 for a premiere in January or March. If it is the latter, we have to wait for an even longer season. (Granted, having a season 5 in March is infinitely better than not having one at all.)

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