Whats Disney Mirrorverses' best team of all time?

Whats Disney Mirrorverses' best team of all time? ...

Disney Mirrorverse is by far and away one of the finest mobile games, so please check out our Disney Mirrorverse review if you dont know us. Nearly everything about this game is fantastic, and that goes double for the heroes and villains found within. They all look amazing (for the most part), and they can kick some serious fractured butt.

Given your success chances are only as high as the characters you select, it is important to know Disney Mirrorverses' best team, and as avid fans of the game, were more than happy to give you the rundown on a few squads that can assist you recover.

These are just our suggestions. There are no need to follow our guidelines. It may be helpful to look out our Disney Mirrorverse tier list to see where your favorite Disney Mirrorverse characters rank on their own. We also happen to have a Disney Mirrorverse classes guide, which explains the importance of each role on the battlefield.

On those who are able to stand up as a member of Disney Mirrorverses' best team.

Disney Mirrorverse best team


  • Elsa ranged
  • Mr Incredible tank
  • Anna melee

If you like us, you can appreciate an aggressive combat strategy, then we must say that Elsa, Anna, and Mr Incredible make it onto Disney Mirrorverses' best team, and this is because each of them represents the very best of their respective classes.

Elsa's inclusion is unlikely to shock you, and we understand that whenever you need a ranged Disney Mirrorverse character on your team, the former Queen of Arendelle and the current Guardian of the Forest are the best choices. So you see, not only does she strike like a freight chain, but some of her abilities are out of this world, and can cause many difficulties for the affected. Elsa's safety isn't quite as high as other members of the ranged class.

As for Mr Incredible, the best tank available, because he does not only do a lot of damage, but he can help relieve the stress and thus avoid making the pain worse. However, the superhero clearly knows what hes doing, and when you combine that with the frosty effects of Elsa and the formidable melee capabilities of Anna, you have a badass team.

Anna is a surprise in Disney Mirrorverse, as she is usually forever in the shadow of her big sister, but in this game, she is equally as powerful as Elsa, who reigns supreme in her respective class. Anna can slam a lot of damage, but can overcome plenty herself, and her abilities make her fatal on the battlefield.

The best part about this team is that they work in harmony and compliment each other well. This team is guaranteed to punch, cause some pain, and stop the broken in their tracks.

Disney Mirrorverse best team alternate picks

Okay, we support what we consider to be the best Disney Mirrorverse team above, but let's be honest, games such as this are somewhat subjective, and there are plenty of fantastic characters to choose from, and given that you can only select three heroes or villains at a time, our Disney Mirrorverse best team does not feature a support.

We think that you should use either a tank or a support character, but we understand that both might benefit from your experiences, and if you choose to go with the support approach, we recommend Mickey Mouse as your first choice.

You should think about melee alternates for this team:

  • Ariel
  • Scar
  • Woody
  • Snow White

These characters are excellent alternatives to Mr Incredible, especially in the tank position.

  • Maui
  • Baymax

If you do not want to use the Ice Queen (you might want to see more, Elsa is quite powerful), then these other ranged characters can fit the bill:

  • Gaston
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Maleficent

Finally, if you prefer to swap out a tank for a booster, beyond Mickey Mouse, these are all feasible options:

  • Jack Skellington
  • Jack Sparrow
  • Evil Queen
  • Belle
  • Tiana

There you have it, our choice for Disney Mirrorverses' best team, and alternate characters you can slip in there. If youe looking for magic of a different kind, you cant go with Ron's best Harry Potter games list.