Divorce was the best thing they ever did, according to a DWTS associate

Divorce was the best thing they ever did, according to a DWTS associate ...

Kristin Cavallari, a television personality and businessman, claims that her divorce from NFL star Jay Cutler was actually the best thing she had ever happened to her.

During an episode of The School of Greatness, a former contestant of Dancing With the Stars talked about the situation.

During the episode, the scariest thing I've ever done is get a divorce. Despite its importance, it was the finest thing I've ever done, and it has really accelerated my journey of self-love and finding out who I am today.

Cavallari and Cutler announced the retirement in 2020. They have three children, Camden, 9, Jaxon, 7, and Saylor, 5.

Cavallari Is Focusing on Her Children

Kristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari) has shared a post.

Cavallari claims that her kids have provided her with guidance and healing throughout the process.

Cavallari said that my children have inspired me to become the best self-conversion. I can only be as good to my kids as I am to myself. If I am empty, I have nothing to do them. Being able to be energized and loving myself so that I may energize and support my kids, therefore it is the most important thing.

When she was unhappy, the reality television star said she knew that she would have to be out of the relationship.

Being in a relationship in which I was really unsatisfied, she shared that it would not work for me, and she knew how to do it for a long time.

She claimed that she would not go back to dating right away.

She said she has gotten me to a very peaceful place. I feel the greatest I have ever experienced in my whole life. Im no longer afraid of being hurt.

The actress said she believes that, when she returns, she may realize why everything happened.

As we develop older, life becomes more comfortable, according to her. I've realized that life is really beneficial for me right now. Im ready for everything that's coming my way.

Cavallari Also Opened Up About Gaining Weight

Cavallari's Instagram post about why she became overweight was also a good thing.

I have been sitting this photo for a few days back and forth on whether or not, she wrote next to a photo of herself wearing a bikini on the beach. Finally, I decided to do so several years ago and am very happy with the progress I have made. I have no doubt recognized the girl in those two other photographs. No, I never had an eating disorder. That was purely stress.

I work out really hard and am committed to a healthy lifestyle, and I think that just because I am a mother doesnt mean I cant be proud of my body and be comfortable in my skin. So, here, you go.

Dancing With the Stars is expected to premiere in the fall of 2022. The program will not be seen on Disney+, but on ABC, in a first for both the show and the network.