New Multiplayer Map 'Mincemeat Metalworks' by Splatoon 3

New Multiplayer Map 'Mincemeat Metalworks' by Splatoon 3 ...

Splatoon 3 is planning to close out Nintendo's summer offerings with a paint-splattering bang, and Nintendo UK has shown off another phase coming to the third paint-blasting multiplayer game.

We hope the stage will not be as brutal and gory as it sounds, as it used to be a Metalworks that created more scrap metal. It appears to be the previous stages in Splatoon 3 that are similar to those of the Undertow Spillway, which are also grey and metallic.

Mincemeat Metalworks is out in the open, but it's broken and left out in the middle of an evaporated ocean and surrounded by a wasteland. Things have gotten a bit rough in the Splatoon world, either? It's a fantastic idea to brighten it even more with a splash of color.

As Minecraft Metalworks on Twitter, some admirers have at a quick glance misread the title. Now that is a crossover we'd love to see!

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Splatoon 3 has been released on Switch on 9th September. What do you think of the next game? Let us know in the comments!

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