Renzo Racer: 6 Beginner Tips

Renzo Racer: 6 Beginner Tips ...

Renzo Racer is a middle-of-the-road (pun intended) to below-average kart racing game, which includes a cast of unsettling, often off-putting anthropomorphic animals. Unfortunately, the game is quite mild, with little fun to be had for those who are new to the subgenre as a whole.

While there are far, much better kart racers out there, Renzo Racer does at least try to attract those who are interested in the new race. Here are some things to keep an eye on when it comes to starting out in this subpar game.

6 It's Just A Super Tough Game To Control

It's really no way around that Renzo Racer is a pretty rough game all around. From terrible controls, lackluster AI, a bland and tasteless presentation, and even a high level of jank, this isn't a game that will likely stick in players' kart racing collection for too long. All of this is worth mentioning because many players may be wondering why they are so bad at the game when it first begins.

Renzo Racer is a really challenging game to control. At the best of times, the simple act of driving a kart around a track feels cumbersome. While it might get a little easier with some training, it's unlikely that the game will end up being any more fun along the way.

5 Nope, There's No Drift

Most kart racers have a drift technique to navigate tricky corners or to get some boost to shine ahead of the event. Games such as Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing, and Team Sonic Racing all have a drifting mechanic. However, the same applies to the Renzo Racer.

Something becomes apparent as players navigate around each of the colorful yet bland tracks; there's no way to dangle or fine-tune steering. The controls only allow for braking, which almost immediately brings players to a screeching halt, something that makes the game feel sluggish and unrefined.

4 Track Hazards Galore

If Renzo Racer had a unique selling point it would be that each track in the game has unique track hazards. This is something that hasn't really been seen too much in kart racing games, but here in Renzo Racer, these are abundant, often to the game's gain. Track hazards are difficult to navigate through and around again due to winky and stiff controls.

These track hazards include wooden stakes, gravel bits, tar, spikes, and many others. Some of these hazards are already on the track, but others must be activated by hitting signs on the track. What's more, it's possible that players stumble into a hazard, a wall, or even another racer, to end their attempts or react in a strange manner.

3 The Multiple (If Shallow) Modes

The feature set for Renzo Racer is quite shallow and limited, although it shouldn't be overlooked as a surprise given how unpolished, broken, and janky the game is overall. In terms of game modes, players are "treated" to single-player tournament cups, single-track races, and two-player local races. Yes, that's it.

These modes are absolutely naive, with the game even making the mistake of using the tournament mode "Grand Prix" in the game's help menu. While the modes may be boring, there are nevertheless a lot of options to choose from, even if they aren't all that fun to race on and around.

2 How To Unlock New Stuff In The Game

Players may unlock new anthropomorphic animal racers as well as new tracks when they enter the game. Nevertheless, this isn't easy when it comes to first jumping into the game. Here, players learn that the only way to get started is by visiting the game's help menu option. Here, they will then place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in tournament cups.

Untold about this is the fact that reaching through one race alone, even an entire tournament, is painful and sluggish. AI is wildly unconcerned. For those who can overcome the difficulties the game has, there are at least a dozen or so tracks to unlock, and a handful of new characters to try out. Despite the fact that each character has their own unique kart and stats.

1 Items Really Don't Do All That Much

Kart racers can often live or die due to the powerups or items they can drive through to provide defensive benefits or offensive options. Even the items in the case of Renzo Racer are rather disappointing and rarely work as intended, except for the lightning speed dash one. That speed dash does at least give players a rapid boost of speed, with three different uses.

The other pickups, namely, the bombs, the rockets, and the few other ones, are really failing to perform properly, often times completing missing a competitor racer altogether. This game is quite straightforward to get an idea that these items don't do much and aren't game-changing in any meaningful way.