We Shouldn't have wished we had done about EA's single-player tweet

We Shouldn't have wished we had done about EA's single-player tweet ...

Brands should not be shy of tweeting. They are desperate to go viral and to be remembered as our friends. Fall Guys has successfully earned the world (or at least Twitter, which feels like the whole world) for a moment last year, but the likelihood of success is high. EA learned this lesson the day before, but it's pretty embarrassing how much we all loved it.

EA's tweet was an attempt to get in on the shes a ten, but the meme, which by the fast-moving internet language, was already a little outdated. It was true that the company prefers playing one-and-done games rather than going through lengthy money competitions. However, in the industry, EA was dissatisfied with its customers, and they were far more difficult to avoid microtransactions and battle passes into, and it should savor us to our cores

It's just a harmless, very tame joke, for example, if your partner plays Jedi: Fallen Order, but you can also play with them while you both play FIFA. However, the reaction to this tweet has been quite spooky. I understand that the company isn't just a defense of a company. EA is a company that has a shady, money-grubbing past, and there are a few reasons to be angry with it. A tweet from some

I can just about abide EAs single-player players getting annoyed by this, assuming their misinterpretation of the joke was accidental and not wilful. Regardless, if I had crunched for months on a single-player title for EA, and, as I had done with the likes of Dragon Age Inquisition, I might be angered if I had been forced to shove in a useless multiplayer mode. I'd be irritated when I realized I was wrong

We are more willing to be charitable with the whole well, but a lot of people didn't get it here if you were prepared to receive a dunk tweet, and you're making a mistake. It's not true when people say they're going to buy Hogwarts Legacy (why not buy every other game), but it's not true here. If you were to protect Anthem and Battlefield 2042, your retort would not be.

It's mainly a bit disappointing that this is what we care about in gaming. It's certain that once you misunderstood a brand's attempt to do a mild, spiceless meme isn't a cause, but the sheer amount of people who cared about this in contrast to other issues is quite frightening. When there are reports of abuse or discrimination, we are all perilously optimistic. What else is more important to a game company? Boy, go get your pistol.