There's a NFT console capable of sucking the joy out of gaming

There's a NFT console capable of sucking the joy out of gaming ...

Polium, a nonprofit that promotes itself as transforming Web3 gaming's functions and infrastructure since January of this year, has just announced a new home console system. For those who know the concept, Web3 is the current buzzword for the next internet iteration, which will use NFTs, cryptocurrency, and other blockchain technologies.

The "Polium One" console will have 8K HDR graphics that are exceedingly high of Sony and Microsoft's currently offering. Its controller will have haptic feedback and a touchpad similar to DualSense, but also a "touch ID" system to make purchases easier on crypto platforms. Of course, the controller will also have a wallet button to facilitate financing all of the new Web3 games.

According to the official website, a functional prototype will be completed "in a few months" ahead of a planned delivery in 2024. Pre-orders, however, will be far earlier than expected, and these pre-orders are being handled through an NFT minting process.

There are still some important issues in the Polium One game plan. For starters, the site shows a prototype UI that lists Grit, Axie Infinity, and Decentraland as titles, but none of the games have confirmed compatibility. Polium asserts that it is in discussions with multiple game developers to acquire their titles to the Polium One.

In a world of major chip shortages, there are no specifications available for this console, resulting in no idea how Polium plans to out-perform a PS5 with its promised 8K graphics. Polium's unsavory business strategy is packed with buzzwords and hopeful language, but it is also unclear how it intends to source parts for this next-gen console.

Polium's reputation is a lot of information. We cannot know who they are, where they are located, or when to contact them outside of a Discord channel, according to Twitter users. Besides, the gameCube logo has already been hampered.

Given how crypto and NFT games are so tense that even the US government has decided to take action, I'd say keep your cryptocurrency for the time being.