The single from the show, an American Idol winner claims, is Utter Crap

The single from the show, an American Idol winner claims, is Utter Crap ...

Caleb Johnson, an American Idol season 13 winner, is talking about his time after the program, including why he hates performing his debut single.

Johnson talked with Insider about his time on American Idol, and why he was actually really irritated that he won his season.

The first single, directed by Justin Hawkins, is called As Long as You Love Me.

Johnson Did Not Like the Song at All

Caleb Johnson (@calebjohnson) has shared a post.

By facto, if you won, you had to sing the song, and the song was just utter crap, according to Johnson. Like it was just the worst song ever.

He described it as a cheesy piece of crap, and that he did not even tell the producers that he did not desire to refer to it himself, even though it did not work out for him.

He told the outlet that he intended to put an end to it to the management company and all of that. And they were like, look at this as a graduation present or something.

The singer shared that the song was previously released in another country, which is another reason he did not enjoy singing it, which he had to do a lot on the American Idol summer tour.

We did at the beginning, but they switched it, according to the author. They moved it around halfway because it was only not working. It was also a nightmare.

The most recent album by Johnson,Mountain Mojo Volume 1, was released on June 18, 2021.

Other Finalists Also Blasted the Show

Season 6 runners-up Blake Lewis said he knew he wasn't going to win the show until the finale.

Lewis says that before the finale that he saw the stage, he knew he was screwed based on the final song. He believed that it had been written for Jordin Sparks, who went on to win the show.

According to Insider, producers told him before the finale.

For the singer, being told he would not be allowed to arrange the music was causing him a lot of pain.

I provided them all the fingers, but he assured them, F*** you all, and I walked out of the room. It immediately turned the whole experience sour.

He admitted that he believed Sparks was worthy of the title of American Idol, but that didn't make the final week much less agony for him.

This should be the most convenient week of my life, but I know I'll get second place, according to him. I had the most amazing time of my life, and it was then painful.

According to Insider, even the singer, Jeff Peabody, and his cowriter Scott Krippayne, thought the song was awkward for Lewis to sing.

Peabody told the outlet that he and his cowriter apologized at the end, making it a little uncomfortable for us to feel like the song was so popular for her.

Season 21 of American Idol is expected to premiere in the spring of 2023. Each of the three judges and host Ryan Seacrest is expected to return.