When Season 4 of The Boys will premiere, Karl Urban reveals

When Season 4 of The Boys will premiere, Karl Urban reveals ...

Season 3 of The Boys hasn't even concluded, and yet season 4 is on the verge of being rolled around. Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher on the Amazon Primehit, has confirmed that the program will begin filming late next month.

While the viewers have yet to see how Season 3 will conclude, Urban provided some insight into the future in a recent interview. The Boys will be returning in late hope after Season 3, and that's all they want.

Urban said he expects the show to resume in mid-to-late August, but he's excited to meet with the cast and crew for another round of screenings. First, Urban explained that he expects the show to resume filming again on August 22nd. I think it's a fun season to play with, but I'm not sure where he'll be taking the characters from this season. I'm also hoping that conversations with the producers, as long as he can.

When Season 3 of The Boys concludes, it will become a much larger topic to discuss. With all the twists and turns it has gone through over the course of its third season, viewers are certain that it is all up to them. After the season's final episode revealed what was possibly the greatest twist it has ever thrown at its viewers, viewers are very amped to know what will happen next and how it all ends. It's encouraging to know that the fourth season will get right, but fans are probably concerned.

Fans should be wary that the fourth season of The Boys will begin production as soon as possible. It hasn't dragged its feet and has only intensified its conflict at every turn. While certain, there will be a fight between now and when the fourth season ends, but at least fans can take solace knowing that the show will not be hanging in disarray in the near future.

This kind of thing is unlikely to happen until the third season ends, but given that the show just revealed the amount of danger he has, it feels like a disappointment. However, the show hasn't looked very closely into flashbacks as a whole. They've certainly done it, but not that often.

Season 3 of The Boys can be seen on Amazon Prime.