The Best Films to Watch on the 4th of July

The Best Films to Watch on the 4th of July ...

If fireworks isn't going to begin until the sunny day begins, then you may be planning a movie or two during the Fourth of July weekendin between hot dog grillings and swimming pool visits. However, the best film may be on the 4th of July, so please contact us. We have put together a pretty broad (and varied) list of movies that would make for fun Independence Day viewing. Whether you're looking for something light, patriotic, or a more sober encapsulation of our nations history

The best movies to watch on the 4th of July are here.


Jaws is a pretty much perfect summer movie. I mean, it started the summer movie season for petes sake, but sunshine and leisure activities abound in the Steven Spielberg thriller classicin between terrifying shark attacks, that is. Jaws perfectly captures the thrill of summer vacation at the beach, with a strong tie to Independence Day, but shark attacks are damned. So if you are looking for something similar to pure entertainment, then you can never go wrong.

The Sandlot

The Fourth of July does not only commemorate our nations Independence Day, but also serves as a halfway mark for summer vacation. The Sandlot, a 1993 coming-of-age film, demonstrates the ability to capture the sense of being a kid on summer vacation, when whatever was happening right then, and you were sure that you were well-being at the local pool. (I'll love you forever, Wendy Peffercorn) and the stunning Independence Day scene with fireworks galore. Ah, nostalgia.

Independence Day

Obviously, it's not the fourth of July weekend without a disaster epic from 1996, and while the sequel was supposedly of little interest to general audience 20 years later, Independence Day still holds up as a goofy, fun 90s throwback, with a hefty dose of American patriotism. This is, for example, Bill Pullman's rousing speech. President Whitmore.


If you like something authentic but fun, look no further than Peter H. Hunts' 1972 musical, which was developed by the same name, recounts the events surrounding the signing of the Declaration of Independence, as well as musical breaks with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. It is a fantastic fun film, as well as a really white version of Hamilton, with Mr. Feeny playing John Adams.

Born on the Fourth of July

For sure, America's history as a nation isn't all sunshine and rainbows, so if you want to celebrate this country's great history while also acknowledging some of its serious missteps, Oliver Stone's epic Vietnam War piece Born on the Fourth of July is your film. Stone is undoubtedly a controversial filmmaker, but as a Vietnam veteran himself, Stone brings the skill to the table. It's not necessarily an easy watch, but it's also a necessary one.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Frank Capras is uplifting, bringing him to Washington. The story of a junior Senator attempting to do something in the world of American politics speaks to America's people's sense of compassion and respect, although it was eventually dismissed as anti-American for its depiction of corruption in American politics. It has since become a tried and true classic, and makes for a fine watch.

The Patriot

The Patriot, a de facto 4th of July filmmaker, is a must-see for those who don't have access to it. The second is his 2000 Revolutionary War drama The Patriot, which stars Mel Gibson as a French and Indian soldier who then face the British army in a bloody attack. It also features a swell supporting performance from Heath Ledger and a top-notch world building. So if you like your 4th of July historical titles, The Patriot is the perfect movie.


Lincoln is also about the American political process, although it's somewhat more nuanced. While Steven Spielberg was successful in bringing one of our nations greatest presidents to the big screen, it feels like one of the films that will be examined in the coming weeks, nonetheless, it avoids hagiography, not shy away from the many obstacles in Lincoln's life, and the pain (and care) with which he was confronted by him. But sometimes, the consequences, however, are surprisingly compelling, and Lincoln is

John Adams

If youre looking for an indoors weekend on the 4th of July, why not with the HBO miniseries John Adams? Technically, this isnt a movie, but I think it qualifies. Paul Giamatti, who played the United States second President, was a fantastic character, and he excelled in his political career, but the miniseries also honed in on his confrontation with Thomas Jefferson, played by Stephen Dillane. Obsessed with John Adams, and begin the letter

Top Gun

Top Gun isn't a traditional 4th of July film, but it depicts America's spirit. Tony Scott's fantastic film is, of course, about the intensity and complexity of male friendship, with Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards expressing their admiration. It's also the fist-pumpiest film in Hollywood history, and if Top Gun doesn't leave you feeling triumphant, you may lose the human spirit. Kick the tires and the fires.


One of the most substantial pieces of art of the century is now available in recorded form on Disney+. Indeed, the 2020s hottest new feature is a four-year-old Broadway performance of Hamilton, while also stating how his hubris would eventually be his downfall. This is a definitely beneficial story of America that has been transformed into something different from Hamilton. This is, for everyone, the key to making this country unique and challenging at the same time. America is a work in progress, and that has never been