After-Credits Scenes of 'Thor: Love And Thunder' have 10 Theories And Predictions

After-Credits Scenes of 'Thor: Love And Thunder' have 10 Theories And Predictions ...

For some unexplicable reason, Marvel Studios announced that Thor: Love and Thunder would have the shortest promotional window in its film catalog. While Chris Hemsworth's charisma might be sufficient to propel the movie to box office success, this short-than-usual promotion has shortened one of the MCU faithful's tasks: speculating after-credits scenes.

Thor: Love and Thunder isn't giving us a lot of time to make drawn-out, educated guesses about its mid- and end-credit scenes. (Yes, it's confirmed that there are two after-credits scenes in Thor 4.) Because they're both "story-related." But that will not hinder our curiosity from running wild and conjuring story beats that might unfold after the credits roll. Let the guessing game begin.

Where You Been, Bill?

There is still a possibility that this film will feature two Thors (Hemsworth's Odinson and Natalie Portman's Jane Foster) as well. Odinson might retire for good, while Jane Foster might sadly succumb to the debilitating illness she had in the comics. Either way, the loss would leave a hole; it would be a waste if Stormbreaker or the newly repaired Mjolnir had to retire.

Beta Ray Bill has successfully managed to emulate both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, thus there's a possibility that he'll be the next person (or, perhaps, Korbinite) up during the film itself, but with so many actors on deck (the two Thors, Valkyrie, and the Guardians), it might be better to save his revelation after the credits.

A Peek Into Volume Three

What exactly will Starlord and his company be up to following the events of Love and Thunder? No promotional material has been released for Guardians of the Galaxy 3, but we might get a better idea of their next adventures in an after-credits scenario for Thor 4.

Could there be a glimpse of Will Poulter's Adam Warlock? Will Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) gain a seat on Gamora's (Zoe Saldana)? No matter which Guardians sub-plot finds its way to the after-credits scene, MCU fans are sure to get even more hyped for Volume 3's May 5, 2023 release.

A New Team For The New Thor

Let's get back to Jane for a second. Dr. Foster isn't only surviving the events of the film, but also embarking on new adventures afterward. It's not hard to imagine, therefore, that she might appear in the after-credits scene to join a thriving team.

Jane may first gain prominence in the MCU's A-Force, but only time will tell. Second, as the new Thor, she may rightfully become among Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Perhaps an OG avengerlike, say, a certain doctorate degree holder has Dr. Foster's number?

The Wrath Of A Demi-God

Gorr, a maniacal, has a fairly straightforward mission: to decimate as many gods as he can. While Gorr does not seem like he fears any of the consequences, he might use a heads-up on the emergence of one Olympian. Why? Because when pissed off, that Olympian might hurl the God Butcher halfway through the universe.

The mighty Hercules are likely to be spotted walking along the ruins of his once majestic realm, but Hercules may decide to leave the realm to do some soul-searching. Perhaps one day, he'll take his foot on Midgard?

Spotlight On The King

Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) has blessed the Thor franchise with her sly charm and cool confidence since Thor was relinquished at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Maybe it's time to shine the spotlight on the King Valkyrie?

In Phase 4, a after-credits scene in Love and Thunder may be the basis for a plot that will take full form (see: Moon Knight's Egypt and Ms. Marvel'sPakistan), but Valkyrie's kingdom in Norway sounds like a fertile ground for fresh narratives.

And Now, A Word From Our Cersei

As Phase 4 approaches, more and more stories are forming across the MCU's cosmos. Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) has to deal with the Skrull and the Kree, and the Guardians have a certain Warlock to contend with, and a silver-skinned herald can come out at any time. Before all of this goes down, however, three Eternals have already been summoned to their trial.

Cersei (Gemma Chan, Phastos, and Kingo, respectively, are whisked off by an irate Arishem. If the trio's memories prove that humans are worth living, Arishem believes that he will not punish humanity for the death of the Celestial Tiamut. At the conclusion of Thor 4, we might see Cersei and her companions.

"I Like This One"

Carol Danvers might be the busiest bee in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Remember her point about "covering a lot of territory...on thousands of planets"? It's possible, therefore, that the ramifications of Love and Thunder will have an impact on some major situation that Captain Marvel is dealing with.

There is "only" a twelve-month gap between these films between Love and Thunder and The Marvels. Consider, for example, that Thor provided Carol with the comment "I like this one." Carol can make her own claim as the strongest Avenger due to Thor's retirement.

Kang Again?Kang Again.

Gorr's destruction will likely leave hundreds, if not thousands, of civilized nations struggling to recover from the loss of their divine protectors. Only a heartless megalomaniac would find any reason to revel in all of this chaos. Unfortunately, there is one person in the MCU, and he may capitalize on the rampage to pursue his dreams.

Kang (Jonathan Majors) has seen just about every major improvement in the Multiverse thus far. For the hell of it, he might appear in a Love and Thunder after-credits scene just to have a good laugh at all the pandemonium.

Warning: Major Implications Ahead

Kang isn't the only MCU corporation that had his fascination sculpted into a colossal monument. Despite the fact that these austere faces are widening, he is not the only one.

These faces belong to The Living Tribunal, Uatu the Watcher, Death, Eon, and Infinity. If any one of them appears in an after-credits scene, expect nothing less than game-changing consequences for all characters in the MCU.

Will The Sun Shine On Them Again?

On the one hand, the dramatic opening scene of Avengers: Infinity War serves as the conclusion of the Thor-Loki arc that started back in Phase 1. On the other hand, are we planning to see the first Thor solo film without Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief?

Although a 616 Loki may have been able to die at Thanos, a reformed Loki may, among others, use a brotherly help in dealing with the Multiverse's Conqueror. Now that's one Loki that will never stab Thor in the back. (Right?)