Races Perfect To Play In An Aquatic Campaign With Dungeons & Dragons

Races Perfect To Play In An Aquatic Campaign With Dungeons & Dragons ...

Dungeons & Dragons is filled to the brim with an endless list of playable races and subraces for players to use in the game. Each race comes with its own unique abilities and abilities as well as its own lore within the game, with many races offering characters with incredible abilities they may not have otherwise.

Many DMs will provide players with a context regarding the type of campaign they will be played, as doing so will provide information on which characters would be appropriate for the adventure. Today, we'll explore race options in D&D that are ideal for an aquatic campaign.

Paul DiSalvo's updated account on June 30, 2022 shows off that Dungeons & Dragons is constantly expanding and expanding, giving players new opportunities to explore when building characters. Due to the release of Monsters of the Multiverse, a wide range of races was given new rules, increasing their capabilities in the game. When it comes to these water-fairing races, many players may be more interested in the addition of Call of the Netherdeep, a campaign module with a strong emphasis on aquatic combat and traveling

10 Vedalken

Vedalken are a race known for their mental ability, which has earned him the honour of having an advantage on all Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma Saving Throws. He is also gaining the ability to add 1d4 to all skill checks made of a selected skill.

While they can't breathe underwater forever, a Vedalken is ideal for a party aboard a ship, primarily staying aboard while capable of fighting in the water when necessary. This is because Vedalken are partially amphibious, and they can only breathe water for up to one hour each day. Nonetheless, a Vedalken is certainly a great race option to consider.

9 Lizardfolk

Lizardfolk are a race that isn't particularly well-suited for a sea-gulf adventure rather than a semi-aquatic race. Lizardfolk are a well-rounded race with a lot to offer players to appreciate. In addition to having natural armor and access to bonus proficiencies, Lizardfolk has the ability to utilize a natural bite attack as a bonus action.

When it comes to aquatic adventures, Lizardfolk are excellent swimmers with a thirty-foot swimming speed. However, unlike many of these completely amphibious races on this list, Lizardfolk aren't capable of breathing underwater, rather they can hold their breath for up to fifteen minutes. This allows them to engage in aquatic combat in short bursts when travelling on a seafaring vessel.

8 Sea Elf

Sea Elves have been somewhat revamped in Monsters of the Multiverse, now serving as their own race rather than as a sub-race of elves. The Sea Elves offer a variety of benefits including a swimming speed equal to their walking speed, cold resistance, darkvision, and the ability to communicate with animals who have access to swimming speeds such as fish.

Sea Elves have access to the re-worked version of the Trance mechanic, which allows a Sea Elf to gain temporary experience with a weapon or tool by just meditating for four hours.

7 Triton

Triton are an amphibious person who can adeptly move within the water because of its ability to toting cold damage resistance, like Sea Elves. As a result of their Monsters of the Multiverse, Triton is able to constantly communicate with beasts with swimming speeds, thus allowing Triton to serve as a party's ambassador when encountering aquatic creatures.

Out of amphibiousness, this race's ability to cast the spells Fog Cloud, Gust of Wind, and Water Walk once per day each, regardless of the Triton's class, providing remarkable utility.

6 Water Genasi

Genasi are a group of four unique subraces, each inherently connected to one of the four elemental planes. Water Genasi are equally as comfortable in the water as they are on the water, and they have access to Acid Resistance and some magical utility that, like Triton, can be accessed regardless of a character's class.

Every character of this race can diversify their potential damage output and adapt to a foe's resistances through their access to the Acid Splash Cantrip. Upon reaching levels three and five, Water Genasi gain access to cast Create or Destroy Water and Water Walk Respectively, each of which are exceptional utility options when adventuring in an aquatic setting.

5 Locathah

If there is a time and place to play as a Locathah, a fish-like race, it's in an aquatic campaign. Unlike the previously mentioned races, a Locathah is only partially amphibious and will suffocate if not submerged in water every four hours. Despite this disadvantage, the race has a whole set of features that help to make adjustments.

Locathah have access to natural armor that assists them in increasing their AC even if they aren't wearing armor; they are automatically proficient in Athletics and Perception; they also, stunningly, have advantage on saving throws against being irritated, paralyzed, blinded, or put to sleep! This makes a Locathah a fantastic defensive choice as long as you have regular access to large amounts of water.

4 Grung

Grung are a race that must be submerged in water to endure, gaining one point of exhaustion every day if they weren't submerged in water for at least one hour. However, this froglike race has several significant abilities that strengthen the structure.

The skin of a Grung is poisonous, causing harm to those who come in contact with it. A Grung has also had access to several solid mobility options, including a significantly improved high and long jump range, as well as a climbing speed of 25 feet.

3 Simic Hybrid

A Simic Hybrid is a human, elf, or vedalken that has been altered to possess traits of various animals. A Simic Hybrid is a unique race that allows a player to choose two animal-inspired traits for their character, one at the character's first level and one when the character rises to level 5.

A character with this capability might be perfectly suited for an aquatic campaign thanks to the Underwater Adaptation option. Then, you may leave the second animal enhancement open for whatever you want, such as a carapace or acid spit.

2 Warforged

Warforged are a mechanical race that can be used as a race to distinguish between two main traits: an enhanced natural armor class and additional proficiencies.

Due to its Constructed Resilience feature, a Warforged isn't just immune to disease and sleep-inducing effects, but it lacks the need to eat, drink, or breathe. This means that a Warfforged can survive underwater with ease.

1 Dhampir And Reborn

Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft introduces Dhampir and Reborn as playable pseudo-undead; a Dhampir is comparable to a playable Vampire, while a Reborn has characteristics that one may associate with a Zombie or Wight. Each of these gothic linesages are quite different, with the Dhampir's ability to walk on walls and use a special bite attack, while a Reborn has a disadvantage on death-saving throws

One thing these two pseudo-undead have in common is that neither a Dhampir nor a Reborn must breathe, meaning they can each travel underwater when they are needed.