Uncharted 4 was forced to remove a James Bond stick from its Jeep Chase

Uncharted 4 was forced to remove a James Bond stick from its Jeep Chase ...

Uncharted gained extensive insight from Indiana Jones, and if you didn't, now you do it. The series is known for its engaging dialogue and powerful action set pieces. It appears like Naughty Dog wanted to draw inspiration from James bond, a British character.

Uncharted 4's co-leader, Kurt Margenau, spoke on Couch Soup's Get Good show, which featured a clip from the Madagascar Jeep chase. One scene in which a truck fires on you and keeps you corralling down side roads.

"There was a lot of stuff that didn't make it," Margenau said. "There were some James Bond car chases where the car goes up on two wheels between a narrow [gap], and we actually prototyped doing that in this sequence. "Thinking, "Okay how do we get you up on two wheels?"

One of the other people on the call asked if Naughty Dog considered a slow-time event for this, but Margenau dismissed the notion immediately. "No, it would be real. The whole thing of the sequence was [to] never take control away [from the player]."

Sean Connery's Diamonds Are Forever is the subject of James Bond. Bond tips his car onto two wheels to escape a narrow gap and escape his pursuers. Very angst.

Ariel also revealed that the truck that always manages to appear in front of you remains simulated for the entire sequence. They considered having it simple teleport whenever it was offscreen, but the sound department dismissed this as an issue, as the sound of the truck had to come from somewhere. In the end, it was decided to keep it in and program AI to ensure it always managed to cut you off.

In other Uncharted news, it has been revealed that Uncharted 4, with a stamina bar, was initially scrapped, ensuring that everything is "continuous and moving."