Niantic's interactions with Pokemon Go couples are a snag

Niantic's interactions with Pokemon Go couples are a snag ...

Niantic and the Pokemon Company started working on their AR project over six years ago, but they had a set of reasonable expectations. They would have planned to bring AR gaming to the world, which they did; they also anticipated a stir in the interest of Pikachu and the gang, which we know at the time; but what they might not have known before was that in some cases, they were playing cupid.

Pokemon Go has become a surprising matchmaker in its six months, but isn't satisfied with stopping there, and the Niantics app has brought couples closer together, taken great friends on epic adventures, and over all else, reminded us what it's to be part of a community. So, we thought wed look for some of those success stories and the lives that they have affected.

And where to start than with weddings, the joy of love for those who dreamed of their big day. Thoughthough admittedly, the game itself is seen as something as a shamble for wedding planners or a bride and groom who isn't interested in 5-star mega raids, with some going so far as to publish articles on how to keep Pokemon Go from ruining your wedding. All this while others haveadvertised their venues for their Pokestops.

If the vast majority of Pokemon appearances in wedding photos has anything to say, the world's trainers have already won the fight. From Squirtle, who was not on the team, to Dragonite, who was checking in on a cake tasting, it isn't only enough for those beloved creatures to set couples off, but also for them to live happily.

On their wedding day, a group of smart friends reminded one couple of their chance encounter, citing a customized Pokemon Go illustration revealing their previous encounter. The remarks that form a long thread below the happy couple tell a lot of love during the first raid.

Despite the fact that there were a tenth of couples on the market who were introduced via the app, I think it's a leap to imagine that there might be some Pokemon Go toys out there, taking their first steps for a 2km egg.

I wanted to chat with some of Reddit's Pokemon Go couples as well as a few people from Twitter to understand their game time together, and how it impacted their relationships. It turns out that for many of these couples, it's a shared experience, and nearly all of those who returned talked about it in some cases. In many instances, they just started out as walking buddies.

Although it's common sense to split the burden of purchasing lure modules, some things are a result of convenience. One of the couples I talked to first picked up a Pokemon partnership so they could save on lure modules, which is a fantastic example of bringing people together.

It appears that the Niantics app is a fantastic icebreaker for anyone who is so accustomed to doing a majority of their dating online. It is something that all of the couples I interviewed had in common from the start, and is a great excuse to keep going before. In these instances at least, it grew into something new.

This is not just those who attended the launch of Pokemon Go who have benefitted from the game, as there are even certain nuptials that predate the Niantics first foray into the Pokemon world. One husband sent me a simple message of how the game had strengthened his relationship after his marriage, saying my wife and I met in 2013 before the game was released, but once it did, all our date nights involved a long play to open eggs.

From the days I spent searching the internet, it is clear that Pokemon Go isn't just a romantic rekindler. One of my personal favorites is from a Reddit post simply titled Am I too old? on the official forum, with one father positing the question Im 44 years old, and my youngest son got me into Pokemon Go. We both love the idea of having a Pokestop near my office. Should I be feeling that I am too old to enjoy hunting for Pokemon?

As you know that by now, these words were full of love, understanding, and, above all else, a defiant attitude in the face of growing up. No, was the overwhelming answer, with players as old as 69 chiming in with their desire to continue, as well as an outpouring of younger players expressing their desire to carry out collecting animals with their dad.

All of this brings me to my last point, and perhaps one of the best-known examples of a Pokemon Go couple you might have already seen. This nameless older couple, still probably blissfully unaware of the joy they have brought to others, shows us all how even in our later years, something as simple as catching superpowered creatures can bring you closer together.

If you write and research this has taught me one thing, it's that those who believe in something are having a better time, especially those who believe that something is beneficial, and as it turns out, whether it be a shared lure module or a post cake tasting Dragonite, something good can when youe playing Pokemon Go.