All the Games in Capcom Fighting Collection, Ranked

All the Games in Capcom Fighting Collection, Ranked ...

One series, Street Fighter, gets the most attention. It's a pleasure to see Capcom re-release a collection of games highlighting the vast expanse of titles that shaped the genre. It's also a pleasure to see how well Capcom Fighting Collection's catalog has maintained over the years.

Nevertheless, assembling such a wide spectrum of games together reveals where these games were successful, where they failed, and what they gave to the fighting game genre as a whole. Consequently, while it's difficult, we took it upon ourselves to rank each game in the collection based on these factors.

8 Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

The entire Darkstalkers series, which includes all of Capcom's most successful fighting games, is anticipated. A third series, which was founded on Street Fighter, was also successful for fans. Additionally, the absence of a sequel after over twenty years has left them anxious for a return of this classic monster mash.

Still, its first iteration is more than enough for all Darkstalkers games. Though its characters, stages, and narrativeline have a clear spooky aesthetic, it's fighting system makes something to be desired. For example, the special meter allows for an unlimited period to use ES and EX moves. This concept is neat in theory but becomes somewhat maneuverable in practice. Plus, the AI in this arcade port sometimes feels cheap, even on lower difficulty levels.

Despite its promise, it remains a positive game. It just pales in comparison to its competitors.

7 Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness

In the Capcom world, Jin Saotome and Devilot have a cult influence. So, for those familiar with these intriguing characters, it's odd that the game is so widespread forgotten.

While Cyberbots is relatively new, you'll discover the limitations of its gameplay. On the one hand, the game's characters, armored mechs, and plotline are both fascinating. Moreover, the fighting abilities are unique and fun to play.

Cyberbots has strange flaws that make its overall execution difficult. For example, pilots have no influence on how the mechs operate, which makes it a lost opportunity. Plus, competitive players have noticed that flaws, like air-stalling for a time over, can impede gameplay.

6 Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge

The narrative for Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge is similar to the Street Fighter 2 update. The game also features retooled mechanics, and two new characters, Donovan and Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei. This is the result of Night Warriors' quest.

The new Black meter, which has been revamped, is a sign of a surge in offensive play by allowing players to stock up to nine bars. This meter does not give a limited period to perform ES/EX moves. This game also added other useful features, such as Wakeup Slides and Pursuit Attacks. As a result, the game feels significant better to play.

5 Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix/Pocket Fighter

The Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, which is also known as Pocket Fighter, looks like a novelty fighter. Similarly, Capcom's characters are chibi-sized Capcom legends conducting cartoonish attacks. Moreover, Capcom developed the game with a younger audience in mind. Despite the over-the-top gags and children's cartoon aesthetic, this game is powerful and powerful.

Adding this title into a collection with its predecessors helps its accomplishments shine. After all, the game combines elements from multiple fighting games to create a unique experience.

You'll see three-tiered special moves from Street Fighter, a nine-bar super meter from Darkstalkers, and elemental orb attacks that mirror Red Earth. Yet, everything works together seamlessly! If you played mishmash like Capcom Fighting Evolution, you'll understand how confusing fighting game mechanics can be.

4 Red Earth

Red Earth, which includes all of the Capcom Fighting Collection titles, is renowned for its innovative approach, using RPG progression techniques to create a engaging single-player experience. In Red Earth, players select one of four playable fighters to battle mythical beasts of all kinds kinds. Moreover, the player's character unlocks more powerful weapons, elemental resistances, and even new attacks!

This game has so much to share. Red Earth is undoubtedly the most stunning. The character and stage designs are detailed, and the animation is smooth. However, from a gameplay perspective, Red Earth's difficulty curve, combined with its progression cycle, makes replay value astounding.

3 Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo

Let's cut the chase. Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo is one of the greatest puzzle games ever. Besides, it was one of the greatest console games of its generation, having landed an unexpected spot on the PS One Classic back in 2018. We're so pleased to see this classic return for the current console generation from a historical perspective. However, we're grateful to see it again.

Where can we begin with our love for Puzzle Fighter? It's a start to envision crossover battles between the Street Fighter and Darkstalkers characters. Then, there's the unique chibi-inspired character design and game aesthetic. This title's seamless combination of puzzle and fighting game mechanics takes the cake, leaving us playing for hours and days on end.

Moreover, this game, which is accessible compared to its fighting game counterparts, is an excellent option for those who prefer to watch online play.

After revisiting this title once more, here's how to say, "CAPCOM, GIVE US A SEQUEL, PLEASE!" (No, the mobile version does not count.)

The Lord Of Vampire: The Lord Of Vampire (Shared With Vampire Hunter 2 and Vampire Savior 2)

The Lord Of Vampire is the series' third iteration. Darkstalkers are firmly established; everything, from character and stage design to the gameplay, feels original. Vampire Savior's mechanics make Darkstalkers at its finest and fiercest speed. The super meter that goes up to 99 bars is one of the most noticeable improvements in this version.

Vampire Hunter 2 and Vampire Savior 2 have a combined cast of fourteen members of the original Night Warriors: Darkstalker Revenge. Vampire Hunter 2 includes seven members of the original Vampire Savior cast, including swaps for Jon Talbain, Pyron, and Huitzil, respectively.

The Anniversary Edition of 1 Hyper Street Fighter 2

The Anniversary Edition, which includes Hyper Street Fighter 2, can be used as a whole for their favorite character, from The World Warriors to Super Turbo. So, for example, you might pit vanilla Street Fighter Ken against Super Street Fighter in a match!

Hyper SF2 is a fun game, although you may learn about the different rules that separate each Street Fighter 2 game. It's interesting to experience when previous versions of characters overpowered their most recent Super Turbo counterparts. Moreover, it's quite sobering to look at each character's move list and see how their abilities have expanded throughout each SF2.

In short, few games allow you to see the series' history as tactilely as Hyper SF2, making it a gaming history that deserves its attention.