Bowerstone, the foable 3 version, is outshining the game

Bowerstone, the foable 3 version, is outshining the game ...

Many fans are keen to see where Playground Games is going ahead after Lionhead Studios' closure. However, the upcoming Fable hasn't been revealed too much in the two years since it was first approved in July 2020, but players remain hopeful. It appears to be a sequel to the series' early fairytale roots. Beyond that, the remainder is quite a mystery.

Despite the lack of new information, there are certain things that players anticipate to see in the next installment. Fable 3's return to the fantastical monsters and prominence of magic in the first game would be a popular choice. However, the new Fable must build on and offer its own version of, like Bowerstone's central setting.

A New Focal Point

With a huge time jump between Fable and Fable 2, players could see a lot of Bowerstone's political and plot plays out. This was once a fascinating area, and the game would expand further into another area.

Fable 3 provided the most significant advancement between titles, with the third addition adding more contemporary features. Albion's industrial revolution completely transformed its capital city, with factories crowding the riverside and tall chimneys clogging the skies with smoke. Bowerstone was still the focal point of each Fable, and the future title certainly needs its own version of the iconic city.

The Direction Of The Fable Franchise

Fable appears to be mixing things up in the teaser trailer, which reveals how "the world is filled with legends and treacherous villains." Despite concerns about an MMO focus, the trailer's voiceover is reminiscent of a recent job listing. Despite the fact that the game will be continuing to develop familiar Fable characters. Of fantasies and wondrous places.

Fans are hoping that the new Fable will enliven the world, expand the game and give context to the game. A version of this in the new Fable would help to deepen the world and reveal boundaries, if it is set far in the future, or it becomes more of a prequel. Regardless, the action will be delivered to a different location, according to the game.

Fable is in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.