Final Fantasy XIV: How to Travel Between Data Centers

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Travel Between Data Centers ...

Cross Data Center Travel was added to the game with patch 6.18 on July 5, 2022. This feature allows players to play with friends and strangers across the Data Centers boundaries. Below weve briefly outlined how exactly you can travel between the Data Centers in FFXIV.

How to travel between Data Centers in FFXIV

The Character Select Screen will allow you to load Final Fantasy XIV with the right-click option. This will open the subcommand menu. On this screen, select Visit Another Data Center.

This will set up a new menu that allows you to select which Data Center and World you want to travel to. Once the confirmation is complete, youll enter a brief loading screen. If there is a lot of congestion in a Data Center, Data Center Travel will take longer.

Data Center travel is restricted to Data Centers within your current region. It's difficult to travel between regions such as North America and Japan.

Final Fantasy XIV is about resumption of your Data Center.

To return to your own Data Center, you will need to go back to the Character Select Screen once more manually. You may not cancel Data Center travel during the loading screen.

Data Center Travel Features

Players who have traveled to a new Data Center will have a new title on their nameplate. This is similar to the Wanderer title that appears when you travel to other Worlds within a Data Center. This title is Traveller, and it will be displayed during duties and while engaging with the overworld.

While staying in a different Data Center, you may meet with friends, take part in duties, and continue to make quest progress.

Data Center Travel Restrictions in FFXIV

Crafting and Gathering

  • Legendary and unspoiled gathering nodes are inaccessible.


  • Retainers cant be summoned, hired, or released.
  • You cant put items up for sale on the Market Board.

Free Companies

  • Free companies cannot be formed or joined.
  • Free company information cannot be viewed.
  • Company credits cannot be earned.
  • Free company chat cannot be used to send or receive messages.

Cross-world Linkshells & Linkshells

  • Linkshell information cannot be viewed.
  • Linkshells cannot be created or joined.
  • Linkshells cannot be used to send or receive messages.
  • Cross-world linkshells cannot be formed.
  • It is still possible to join cross-world linkshells, with a limit of eight cross-world linkshells per Data Center.
  • Travelers cannot be promoted to master of cross-world linkshells in the destination Data Center.
  • Cross-world linkshells in different Data Centers cannot be used to send or receive messages.


  • You cant view information about fellowships, and you cant join fellowships in different Data Centers.


  • No houses can be bought, estates or apartments.
  • Residence sharing is unavailable.

Eternal Bonding

  • Ceremonies of Eternal Bonding are unavailable.
  • Eternal Bonding quests are unavailable.
  • Invitations to ceremonies cannot be offered to players in other data centers.


  • In the Gold saucer Lord of Verminion tournaments cannot be entered, Triple Triad tournaments cannot be entered, and Jumbo Cactpot tickets cannot be purchased or redeemed.
  • Deep Dungeon results will not be saved to leaderboards.
  • PvP Crystalline Conflict ranked matches are unavailable, and PvP teams cannot be formed, joined, or chatted to.

Moogle is the delivery service for the injured.

  • The Moogle Delivery Service is unavailable, and you cant receive messages or purchase items.


  • Eternity Rings from Ceremonies of Eternal Bonding will only work when both players are on the same World.
  • You can only use an Aetheryte Pendulum to teleport to the nearest aetheryte if both players are on the same World.
  • You can only teleport to a friends estate when you are on their Home World.

World Bonuses for New and Preferred

  • You will not receive the experience bonuses for visiting New or Preferred Worlds.