Spots for Season 4 of Westworld: Is William going to rebel?

Spots for Season 4 of Westworld: Is William going to rebel? ...

This weekend, it was clear once again that Hale is keeping the real William more or less a prisoner, while using a Host version of the character to go out and submit her bid. This includes the opening of a new park, which we tend to think was being set up for a complicated, bleak situation.

Is it a reasonable assumption to assume that this AI version of William will not fall in line forever? Here is what Ed Harris had to say on The Hollywood Reporter, while kicking things off by dividing the two versions:

I'm not sure if there is a lot difference between the two of them, but yeah. He's really following orders. [Hale has] programmed him to the extent that he's really doing it in her bid, but hopefully in the course of the season, hell starts growing within, getting a little more consciousness of his own being, and expanding his horizons a bit later in the season.

The end of the season should be really fun, especially since one of the key themes for the show right now is history repeating itself or, at least familiar ideas. Right now, even Christina is grappling with this idea of creation and of art imitating life. There is certainly more to her story than she is right now, and we will have to see some more of that play out later in the day.