For July 7, Epic Games Store Free Games Explained

For July 7, Epic Games Store Free Games Explained ...

The selection of free games on the Epic Games Store may be a mixed bag. Occasionally, the titles on offer may not draw attention from players, while other months may provide a wide range of enjoyable games. In the past, the Epic Games Store has faced some criticism for the most popular free games on offer, as well as for certain aspects of the digital storefront.

The Epic Games Store's recent free haul of titles includes Hood: Outlaws & Legends, Geneforge 1: Mutagen, and Iratus: Lord of the Dead, which can be added to their collection until July 7. Then the rest of the month will be kicking off with two new free games Ancient Enemy and Killing Floor 2, which will be available until July 14. These two games might be different, but they may vary depending on the severity of the offer.

Ancient Enemy

Grey Alien Games' Ancient Enemy takes all of the elements of a classic role-playing card game and sends them into a video game format. Players can overcome evil and a host of abusive foes in their journeys. Through a variety of abilities and spells they can pick up on their travels, they can gain power over their heroes and conquer the army of antagonists.

The fundamentals of strategy help improve Ancient Enemy's gameplay and the powerful yet satisfying animations blend together to create an engaging gameplay experience. Even those who don't expect to play a card battler RPG should try and explore the dark, folklore inspired story for themselves.

Killing Floor 2

The sequel to 2009's Killing Floor brings back the tragic FPS action, and players in Killing Floor 2 can choose to battle zombie-like Zeds alone or as part of a team of six players. Like the first game, military clones that were created by Horzine have broken rules, bringing societies to a halt. Gamers can then purchase gear or make upgrades to improve their clone-killing abilities.

Killing Floor 2 has really improved the ante from the first game, reducing the action more visceral and the deaths safer. The Versus Survival game mode also allows players to enter a twelve-month multiplayer match with new foes, but this time with improved AI to make them more of a challenge.