In season 2, the Young Royals unveils the first look at a brand new character

In season 2, the Young Royals unveils the first look at a brand new character ...

The release date for the next second season of Young Royals has been confirmed, and now Netflix is planning to begin distributing its new set of characters.

The first series newcomer has been confirmed as Marcus, with the streaming giant sharing a still of the new character as it announced the new addition to audience members in a tweet on Monday (4 July).

NEWS IN NEW YEARS OF ROYALS: Say hello to Marcus, a new character whose parents rent the stables to Hillerska!" Netflix shared.

Marcus is seen dressed in winter wear and a beanie as he loaded his blue quad bike outside Hillerska's stables.

The identity of the character is still unknown. At the time, it is not clear whether or not the character will compete with other teens in the elite boarding school.

The sophomore season of the Swedish drama will be released this winter, with the premiere date for November. The series focuses on Prince Wilhelm of Sweden (Edvin Ryding), who begins his romance with a fellow student, Simon Eriksson, who works at the Hillerska boarding school.

When announced that Wilhelm has become next in line for the throne, he may change his mind about what he believes is more important, love or duty.

At the end of season 1, Wilhelm, Simon, and August were already brewing a love triangle, and the show's fans have already been reacting to the casting announcements to see if Marcus will add to the actual tension.

Supposedly, he'll flirt with sarah and then aug*st is going to get jealous because he's starting to dislike sarah.

My is not a feature on Netflix.

im begging you, but please not a love triangle.

For the s2 Young Royals, I'm a fan of Marcus. Perhaps Felice, Sara, August, or maybe he's in a pity.

Also, Marcus, why do you want to be an interest partner? #youngroyals

i'm so confused about the future of Young Royals s2, Marcus, whose parents lease the stables at Hillerska

As for what we can expect from the next season, head writer Lisa Ambjorn previously told The Next Rush Magazine that Simon and August (Malte Gardinger) will continue to "push and pull" for Wilhelm's attention.

"There were a lot of storylines that were cut short in season one, as is always the [case], and I'm a writer who has a dreadful desire to squeeze too much in anyway," she said.

"So I feel that we haven't even begun to discuss some of the themes and character developments, so there's still a lot to unpack."

Season 1 of Young Royals is available on Netflix. Season 2 will be released in November.