Steam Saves ZX Spectrum Games

Steam Saves ZX Spectrum Games ...

Pixel Games UK, a company formerly known as Pixel Games UK, has given a brand new lease of life. These have now launched on Steam, indicating a significant step in games preservation. Pixel Games UK has been doing significant work in this regard for a number of years.

The ZX Spectrum, which was later formerly known as the ZX Spectrum, was created by Sinclair Research, a group founded by legendary engineer and designer Clive Sinclair. The device was first introduced in the United Kingdom on April 23, 1982, before becoming a huge success. It sold well over 5 million units across the world.

The ZX Spectrum was the first computer in the United Kingdom to reach a mainstream audience, resulting in a sudden increase in software and especially game development. In 1983, Clive Sinclair was knighted for his work. In 1992, the corporation which he founded officially discontinued the ZX Spectrum.

Pixel Games UK has just released several classics on Steam, including Pimania, Hungry Horace, and Penetrator. Pimania was a puzzle game in which the first person to find a golden sundial within the game was awarded one in real life. Penetrator has players piloting a ship through a variety of different environments while pursuing a set of objectives.

This comes after the announcement that Embracer Group would create an archive dedicated to games preservation. "Imagine a space in which all physical video games, consoles, and accessories are gathered at the same time," David Bostrom, said of the initiative in May. "And consider how much this process has affected games culture and enabling video games research. This journey has just begun, and we are in an early stage.

Bostrom said that a group of specialists has been recruited and will begin constructing the foundation for the archive before adding that at Embracer Games Archive, we believe that games carry a heritage that should be remembered and safeguarded for the future.