Alexa PenaVega explains why she would have to leave Hollywood for a heart reset

Alexa PenaVega explains why she would have to leave Hollywood for a heart reset ...

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega are starring in a new Hallmark film that is a musical biopic. While promoting their new movie and a memoir they have released, Alexa PenaVega is also opening up about their past and their departure from Hollywood. She said her heart required a refreshment, and her faith just didn't fit in the Hollywood lifestyle.

When Carlos PenaVega decided to move, he was rejected for every Hollywood audience.

Alexa Penavega talked about their decision to leave Hollywood. Carlos had been struggling with Hollywood influences throughout his career. He was forced to quit after rejection in the sector.

Every audition he made, it would get down between him and one other guy, and the other guy would always get it, according to the author. This took place for a whole year.

At that time, she was pregnant, which just added to all the stress. They had always planned to relocate to Hawaii when they retired, but they realized they needed to follow the same timeline.

Even though she didn't want to move, she said she Felt Like God was telling her to leave.

Alexa told Fox News that she truly felt like God was telling her it was time to leave.

I felt this tug in my heart, she said. I felt it was God going, and You guys must get out of here. Its time. I didn't want to move. I knew it was the right decision, but it was not something that I was so interested in.

She admitted that she loved Los Angeles and her career, and she didn't want to go. But one day she realized that she needed to move for her, not for Carlos.

I remember being prayed in my car and when I saw this revelation, she told Fox News. I felt like God was preparing us for this move. We were not moving for Carlos. At the same time, I believed we were just moving for Carlos. But I needed a heart reset.

She said she was trapped in the entertainment world and needed to take a step back.

She said she should take a break back so she could be a better mother and wife, but she would not have her job as her identity.

Alexa said that at the time, she feared that she had only a Sunday morning version of what Christianity was like.

I realized that Christianity was so much more, and I needed it more, according to Fox News.

Alexa said it was not easy to move to Hawaii, and that it was a cultural change at the beginning. However, they found a great church that was very diverse, and made amazing new friends.

They Said They Didnt Fit the Hollywood Mold

Alexa previously told People that she would never be familiar with the Hollywood style.

She said that when we were living in California, there was never a break. Today, the industry is 24/7. We believed, we need a place to go and reconnect, and that is, therefore, our home.

Carlos said about their Hollywood lives: "I couldn't relate to people who weren't necessarily despise about my future."