The viewership in Apex Legends on Twitch is sharply down as value for Valorant increases, and the League and the GTA are facing a falling June

The viewership in Apex Legends on Twitch is sharply down as value for Valorant increases, and the Le ...

In June 2022, Apex Legends' viewership on Twitch fell by nearly 40%. It's still the seventh most-watched game on the platform, but it's a substantial decline nonetheless.

The increase in viewership was likely to be attributed to the ALGS Split 2 playoffs in May. It broke viewership records, which was always a difficult task to follow.

Apexis is currently in the midst ofSeason 13, which started on May 10. However, it hasn't been a success among players, particularly due to ranked changes (which had to bedialed back), but there are also concerns that the game is a rocky, broken mess, and that a portion of the player base is consideringboycottingthe game over, causing significant damage to Twitch's numbers.

Interestingly, the decline also coincided with increased interest in VALORANT. In June, it totaled more than 100 million words, doubled the number of Apexs.

Most watched games on Twitch in June 2022

  • League of Legends 118,780,761 hours
  • GTA V 104,597,438 hours
  • VALORANT 102,167,775 hours
  • Counter-Strike 53,270,137 hours
  • Fortnite 52,173,806 hours
  • Apex Legends 48,060,154 hours
  • Dota 2 40,662,174 hours
  • Minecraft 39,740,385 hours
  • Rust 34,083,044 hours
  • Teamfight Tactics 33,665,354 hours

It was a two-fold increase in comparison to the previous month, but it was one of the only games that continued to trend positively. CS:GO, League of Legends, and GTA have all been reduced. So, although it was a modest boost, it went against the grain and might have played a role.

Valorants increase viewership is even more impressive if you widen the lens and look at the statistics throughout 2022. It was 30% higher, the most of any other mainstream game when it comes to streaming.

Apex Legends' trajectory is also further examined in 2022. It turns out that the decrease viewership percentage in June is nothing more than a temporary road bump. It has risen by 7 percent, which is impressive.

On a long-term basis, the battle royale titles are still popular. Call of Duty: Warzones numbers vary in comparison, and although Fortnite is close, its not quite there.

Most watched games on Twitch in 2022

  • League of Legends 862,240,935 hours
  • GTA V 761,694,774 hours
  • VALORANT 598,170,472 hours
  • Apex Legends 393,818,857 hours
  • Fortnite 380,139,263 hours
  • Counter-Strike 372,956,709 hours
  • Lost Ark 260,382,014 hours
  • Elden Ring 257,537,812 hours
  • Dota 2 241,777,411 hours
  • Call of Duty: Warzone 223,456,116 hours

So, for Apex streamers and their fans, it's not all doom and gloom. June has been a lowlight, but it'll likely change once the circuit picks up again in July.

VALORANTS viewership continues to rise, implying that it's a good time to jump on board. League may even dethrone and claim Twitchs' top spot.