The cast of Survivor 44 stars has been leaked

The cast of Survivor 44 stars has been leaked ...

After the end of season 42, Survivor is on a jump, and fans are anxious to watch the start of the upcoming season. However, fans may not speculate on season 44 much longer. On Monday, the partial cast of the season was leaked online.

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Half of Survivor 44 Cast Leaked

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Fans of the show will notice that Survivor is now in its 22nd year, and will begin airing its 43rd season in the fall. The season will begin in May, with 43 expected to air on September 21, while season 44 will begin in the spring.

On Monday, a reliable Survivor spoiler website published photographs of nine of the 18 presumed cast members of season 44. We know that the nine who we know about range in age from 20 to 45, and are all American (or at least, American-based) members. Season 44 will likely be one of the most diverse seasons yet, according to the news.

So far, here's how the cast has been broken:

Brandon Cottom Age: 29 Obsession: Football player

Bruce Perreault Age: 45 Residence: Warwick, Rhode Island Occupation: Navy Veteran/Realtor

Carolyn Wiger, a senior Minnesota medical officer, lives in Stillwater.

Carson Garrett Age:20 Residence: Atlanta, Georgia Occupation: Aerospace Engineering Student

Claire Rafson Age: 25 Occupation: Investor: Brooklyn, New York Occupation

Danny Massa Age:31 Residence: Firefighter in New York City

Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt Age: 42 Residence: Clairton, Pennsylvania Occupation: Product Developer

Lauren Harpe Age: 31 Occupation: Teacher

Huntington Town, Maryland Occupation of Maddy Pomilla Age 28

What We Know so Far About Survivor 43 & 44

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Unfortunately for many fans of the more traditional, old-school-style game Survivor 43 and 44, which will continue to be set in Fiji, will manifestly follow Jeff Probst's new era trend, defined by tougher terms for the contestants (including limited supplies and food), a shorter, more intense 26-day game, and a host of newtwists and benefits which Probst has criticised.

Many of the most popular twists have been rendered more or less ineffective since the casts of 43 and 44 have already seen them in action. However, Probst and production will continue to work out fresh twists to keep the show fresh for the next seasons.

In May, Probst revealed that after people say, "Oh, you have the worst intentions, okay, you may feel that," but these are the greatest ones I received. This is my entire professional life, and every experience I have gained from Survivor.

On CBS, watch the two-hour premiere of Survivor 43 on September 21, 2022 at 8 p.m. Eastern.