How to Use Fireworks with an Elytra in Minecraft

How to Use Fireworks with an Elytra in Minecraft ...

If you play Minecraft, you may get a freeing feeling that humans don't get to experience enough. Sure, you might jump on an airplane, but it's still tame and tedious. We need something like a jetpack or wings that allow us to jump off the ground and soar through the sky. Here's how to get started with Fireworks with an Elytra in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, how to fly with an Elytra and Fireworks

First and foremost, you must purchase an Elytra and some Fireworks before you can combine the two items together. After winning the Ender Dragon, an Elytra and some Fireworks can be found in The End, while Fireworks must be created.

You will need to include Paper and Gunpowder in your crafting process. Firework Stars are not an option for Elytra purposes, because they will damage you if you are playing in Survival. Make as many rockets as you desire, then equip your Elytra to your chest plate section.

Now that you have your Elytra and your Fireworks, you are ready to fly. First, jump off a high ledge and begin gliding with your Elytra. If you want to get more altitude or go faster, use your Firework in your hand by pressing the right trigger on your console or right-click on your PC. This will send the rocket behind you, and you will burst forward for a short time. Keep using the Fireworks in succession to maintain the same speed as possible.

While using the Fireworks, be sure to look out for what you have left behind. If you have a Wolf following you, you can send it backwards and strike them with it. Make sure you are aware of how fast you are going when you are approaching the ground or a structure. Always keep an eye on your descent to slow your descent or seek for some water.