How to Make a Difference between your Riot Games username and id?

How to Make a Difference between your Riot Games username and id? ...

For many gamers, creating your Riot Games account was something you did many years ago, and with this being the case sometimes a change is in order.

Most Riot Games players will do a certain point, but fortunately getting it done is a very easy and pain-free process.

The Riot Games ID changes are completely free and can be made once a month. Here's all you need to know before making it changes.

How to change your Riot Games username and ID

Changing your Riot username and ID is not a difficult task, but it will take a few modifications.

  • First, youll want to head to Riot Games official website and login. This can be done from the accounts page here.
  • Once you sign in youll likely be asked to verify your login by entering a code that is sent to the email address associated with your Riot Games account.
  • Enter this code.
  • Now on the accounts page, press the Riot ID tab on the sidebar.
  • Type your desired Riot ID in the text box you can also adjust the tagline here too.
  • Now simply press save and youre good to go!

Keep an eye on that this can only be done every 30 days, so you won't want to be picking anything you'll regret.

Once the 30-day reset has come to an end, you may repeat the following steps once more.