The best small computer speakers

The best small computer speakers ...

Small computer speakers are not the best for competitive gaming, but they are also ideal for casual gaming or anyone who just wants to play with their PC without having to worry about wearing headphones.

The smallest computer speakers are 2.0 models, which come as a set of two speakers without a subwoofer. This type of speaker cant compete with 2.1 models, including a subwoofer or true 5.1 surround sound systems, but they are inexpensive and offer excellent sound at reasonably high volumes.

Best overall small computer speakers

The A2+ Plus, which is compact enough to fit on most desks, has Bluetooth connectivity, so there are fewer cables to be concerned about. Each speaker measures six by four by 5.2 inches (152 x 102 x 133mm) and features a 0.75-inch (19mm) dome tweeter and a 2.75-inch aramid woofer. Both the tweeter and the woofer are capable of producing 60-watt peak output.

This speaker set connects to various devices like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets through a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. There are a variety of ports, including a 3.5-millimeter port for a wired connection and an additional output port to connect a subwoofer. Despite its Bluetooth connectivity, the speakers still have a cable connecting them to transmit audio signals.

The A2+ Plus has a lot going for it, as well as excellent sound quality and the capability to connect to nearly any device. On the other hand, it is quite expensive, and some purchasers will be disappointed by the absence of an app or remote control to adjust its settings.

Best sound quality small Computer Speakers

The Bose name is synonymous with high-end audio and they also manufacture small computer speakers like the Companion 2 Series III. At the end of the day, the Companion 2 Series III is the same quality, which is why the Producctor is praised. Bose does not include any power figures or details of the driver sizes, but the Companion 2 Series II is also capable of providing some of the finest sound in its class.

Although the Companion 2 Series III has a big flaw in terms of limited connectivity options. Its understandable that Bose required to keep the price reasonable, but having a 3.5mm cable as its only connection option in this day and age alienates users and limits the types of compatible devices.

The Companion 2 Series III will be ideal for PC users who wish to use both plug-and-play speakers. The A2+ Plus or Ultragear GP9 may be useful for anyone looking for USB or wireless connectivity.

Best design small computer speakers

The Razer Nommo Chroma is specifically designed for gaming with bright lighting. It comes as two speakers with cylindrical drivers mounted onto a circular base. Each speaker has a single three-inch (76mm) driver facing forward and a base port facing backward. There are also 42-zone RGB lighting strips running around the bases to brighten things up. The correct volume and bass controls sit on the speaker's base.

The Nommo Chroma is limited connectivity and only works via USB or a 3.5mm jack. Most PC users will use the USB connection because it is the only way to gain access to the Razer Synapse app to control the lighting. They may also set the lighting to sync with compatible games such as Overwatch via the Chroma app.

The Razers Nommo Chroma speakers are fantastic to complement most gaming sets, and the lighting is subtle enough to be seen without being tacky. However, these speakers are limited to PC users who desire some variation with their sound. The A2+ Plus or Companion 2 Series III are better off.

Best alternative small computer speaker

LG's Ultragear GP9 soundbar is a popular computer speaker, so it is lightweight enough to fit under a monitor. It is relatively compact at 14.8 by 3.9 inches (376 x 99 x 73 mm) and still comes with a pair of two-inch woofers and 0.8-inch tweeters with a combined peak output of 20 watts. If buyers prefer the top of the soundbar to adjust the sound settings, they may use the Xboom app.

The Ultragear GP9's advanced connectivity features include a Bluetooth connection or a USB-C, optical, or 3.5mm cable. Another excellent feature is the built-in microphone that allows users to chat with their teammates in games like Fortniteor Apex Legends.

The Ultragear GP9's single-piece design makes it practical with no cables running between individual speakers. It also has some of the best connectivity options, and it doubles as a portable Bluetooth speaker with an integrated microphone. All of its features make the Ultragear GP9 an attractive choice for gamers, but it does not have to pay much attention to any other products on this list.

Best budget small computer speaker

The Creative Pebble V3 is perfect for beginner speakers, particularly those who want to buy basic speakers. Instead of a boxy design such as the A2+ Plus or Companion 2 Series III, the Pebble 3 has a round shape that is capable of producing 16 watts of peak power.

The Pebble V3 is compatible with the Companion 2 Series III and Nommo Chroma, which are wired, as well as a 3.5mm cable or a USB-C cable, and other applications that have older PCs with only USB-A ports. Users may also connect their laptops and mobile devices with the Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

Creatives Pebble 3 speakers are inexpensive, but they still look fantastic and feature wireless and wireless connectivity options. This sound quality may not match some of the high-tier options on this list, but is also expected due to its lower pricing.

This is because Amazon Basic gear may keep you on the radar, but it is for a simple, budget-efficient speaker. These are the cheapest speakers on our list, which perform their job quite well. These are perfect for someone who prefers to play without their headphones.

The Amazon Basic Speakers are also optional, thus they might be a useful addition to a projector setup that progresses. Depending on your requirements and budget, don't forget these speakers.

Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II These speakers have separate controls for volume, bass, and treble to allow purchasers to fine-tune the sound. For small computer speakers, they feature a built-in woofer and bass port.

Edifier G2000 Available in either black or white and has subtle RGB lighting. It has multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth, USB, a 3.5-millimeter cable, and a decent peak power output of 32 watts.

The Yamaha NX-50 Yamaha NX-50 speakers have a traditional black box design with 2.75-inch (69-millimeter) drivers capable of producing peak power. The standard version only has 3.5-millimeter connectivity, and buyers must spend nearly double for the Premium model with Bluetooth.

Speakers VS Soundbar for PC

It's common to believe that a soundbar can be a space-saving alternative to the smallest external speakers. Generally speaking, they don't require much space and require minimal cables to run, leaving your desk space a lot cleaner.

Speakers on the other hand come in a range of different prices, with the possibility to have better sound quality than most soundbars. However, the ones with the highest quality tend to be up there in cost. Here's a look at other benefits to consider when it comes to gaming setup. Soundbars vs. speakers: Which is the best for gaming?

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