Zayac has been added to YapzOr's roster after taking a full break from Dota 2

Zayac has been added to YapzOr's roster after taking a full break from Dota 2 ...

Due to health concerns, YapzOr has put his competitive Dota 2 career on hold. Today, Team Secret has announced that it will play its remaining and future matches with Zayac, a new member.

Neither Team Secret nor YapzOr have revealed any further details about the situation, but considering Valve as allowing for a mid-season roster overhaul for the team, YapzOr might be off the team longer than supporters might expect. Teams are limited to make roster changes in-between DPC seasons. Rosters are locked during DPC seasons.

One of the toughest announcements we've ever made is that the YapzOr Jaradat will take an extended break from Dota 2. We wish him a happy recovery and hope for the best. We also wish to thank Valve for permitting a mid-season roster change.#SecretDota

The break from the competitive Dota 2 scene marks the end of his five-year-long stint with the team. He has been a part of Team Secret's multiple iterations since 2017. During his time in Team Secret, YapzOr securing high-place finishes in a number of occasions.

Zayac has been removed from the spotlight for a long time. After an impressive year-long stint with NaVi and Virtus Pro, Zayac joined NoTechies, HellRaisers, and HYDRA before joining Team Secret.

Zayac is a proud member of the squad, who is an avid collector of Hawaiian shirts. From Kyrgyzstan #SecretDota

Team Secret is set to battle to avoid relegation in the first division of the Western European DPC. With only two series remaining, Team Secret is tied with Gaimin Gladiators and goonsquad, the other two teams that Secret will play against in the last two weeks of the first division.