Is Raft available on Mac?

Is Raft available on Mac? ...

Raft is a game that throws you into a world filled with ocean waters alongside your friends. Various tasks and goals are required, while simultaneously maneuvering through different water-based obstacles. However, many players are not allowed to play it on PC.

Instead of having to purchase additional hardware to play Raft, we've created a guide that can assist you play it directly on your Mac.

How to play Raft on Mac

There are currently two ways to play Raft on PC. You may either download the Boot Camp client which essentially adds the Windows OS to your Mac or install Windows Parallels. Both options essentially install the Windows OS on your Mac and allow you to perform basic PC tasks. This includes being able to play games that couldn't be played before.

How to install Boot Camp to play Raft on Mac

Boot Camp is native to any Mac user's hardware, which means that anyone may download it. The Applications folder in your Utilities folder will feature a bootcamp Assistant option. You will be required to follow the on-screen instructions to either insert a USB drive or specify the size of the Windows OS on your hardware.

After this, your Mac will undergo a restart where it will begin anew with the Windows Installer. Here, you will be asked to select where you want to install Windows, which will include the "BOOTCAMP" partition and the format button. You will then be taken to the installation screen where you will see the speed at which Boot Camp is running.

After the installation is completed, your Mac will restart again and open to a screen that reads "Welcome to the Boot Camp installer" Follow the on-screen instructions to install any support drivers and the installation will be complete. After restarting your Mac, you will need to hold the Option key during startup.

How to configure Windows Parallels to play Raft on your Mac

This software is quite similar to Boot Camp, although the difference is the expense. The real difference between Windows Parallels and Boot Camp is how your system responds to the amount of power required to operate things. Boot Camp does require a lot of energy and can potentially slow down applications like Raft. Windows Parallels requires less space and is easier to switch to when your Mac is already on.

Once you have purchased the program from the official website, you'll have to follow the basic installation instructions before playing Raft as soon as possible.