Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be a part of the Jungle's Relic Record

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be a part of the Jungle's Relic Record ...

The Sunbreak expansion of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak consists of two new areas with several hidden secrets. Despite the fact that discovering them in these new communities can be difficult. This guide will describe the total number of Relic Record locations in the new Jungle location.

Relic Record Location 1

This first Relic is discovered in area seven. Start looking near the bottom entrance and look for a cave wall along the east side. Another important component of this waterlogged path is its ability to locate valuable ore mining nodes.

Relic Record Location 2

The second Relic record message is straightforward. Squib to the top of area seven and look inside the hollowed-out tree. A buddy recon spot is also near, which can save a lot of time later.

Relic Record Location 3

This relic location is directly north of the previous one in this guide. Walk north inside the massive log until you reach the opposite end of the cliff. This Relic will be waiting for you on the back of the tree above the log you just ran through to arrive.

Relic Record Location 4

This is a relatively new relic record. Head north until you reach the temple. Run around the outer perimeter until you discover the sword sticking out of the ground near the rear entrance. The red arrow above is the spot you want.

Relic Record Location 5

This hidden treasure will be visible near the southwest of the previous Relic Record. Walk along area four, and it will be waiting for you in a cliffside cave entrance along the outer beach.

Relic Record Location 6

Relic Record six is a quick one to find. Head north of area two and climb the massive cliff. Tap away at the bushes on the ridge to uncover this hidden message.

Relic Record Location 7

This is one of the most significant records in this dense Jungle area. The best approach to find this is to climb on top of area seven. Take a deep breath to the ground below on the map before attempting to climb. While falling, you will see a small cave entrance near the cliffs top. Wirebug into this hole to discover the next hidden Relic.

Relic Record Location 8

The eight Relic Record is tricky to find while walking along the north side above area eight. Inside this hole, you will discover a small patch of ore to mine. At the end of the tunnel, you will find this Relic Record.

Relic Record Location 9

Expert wirebug players will be in attendance for this Relic. You must go to the center of the map and climb the central tree to the top. This location is difficult to reach, as you must wirebug to each platform of overgrown mushrooms to reach the apex. Thankfully, Rise does not have any fall damage, so keep an eye on it until you receive this Relic Record.

Relic Record Location 10

When you start the Sunbreak expansion, you will receive an explosive barrel bomb and a great wirebug. Keep an eye on the final Relic Record in the Jungle. Head to the one end and climb the massive cliff there.

Use a bomb on the rock formation above. You may drop down and plant a great wirebug. Keep using them to fly across the map to the northwest corner. This Relic Record will be waiting in this small island.

Once you have all of the ten Relic Record messages, talk with Oboro, the merchant in town, to discover some fun statues for your quarters. Speak with your Palico to place these rare statues as you see fit.