All Path Of Champions Playable Characters in Legends Of Runeterra, Ranked

All Path Of Champions Playable Characters in Legends Of Runeterra, Ranked ...

In late May 2022, the Worldwaker Update covered the path of Champions Mode in the Riot Game. This PvE mode's fundamental foundation is mostly the same, but the way people play and unlock different Champions is completely different.

Every Champion has different "Star Levels" (similar to a Riot Teamfight Tactics game), which unlock or upgrade new "Star Powers" for the Champion. This Legends of Runeterra Lab Mode has the potential to be absurdly overpowered, but it's still possible to rank these Champs based on how easy it is to get them to this "overpowered" state. So, since this game, this may be a good time to dive deeper into them.

12 Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune, right off the bat, is outstanding. However, compared to the other 11 playable characters in the Path of Champions, Miss Fortune's starting deck and Star Power, including nothing but Powder Monkeys, aren't difficult to pick up.

Miss Fortune is a hyper-aggressive character who isn't nearly as aggressive as the other Champs in this fashion. She does not scale nearly as well as Jinx's or Annie's, and her Units, although good, aren't even amazing.

11 Bard

Bard is one of the only playable characters in Path of Champions with an unavoidably high Mana Curve. His playstyle revolves around his living "Chimes" (Targon Celestial lore can get really confusing) that buff cards in hand when drawn (or on the field if Bard is in-play and at Level 2)

It's also less about posing cards out there to get the enemy to 0 HP as quickly as possible, but rather, about keeping the enemy in check while drawing Chimes to build up 2 and 3-Cost Units with insane amounts of stats. However, this strategy allows most PoC opponents to scale out of control pretty quickly, so it's very difficult to "hold them back" while setting this Chime strategy up.

10 Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a playable Champ that enormously benefits from Combat lasting at least three or more turns. For one, Lee Sin is a 5-Cost Card, thus it's difficult to get him on the field early.

Two, his Star Power, Dragon's Spirit, requires a lot of Spell Cards and Spell Mana to actually finish, and is fairly dependent on excellent Powers, Support Champs, and good Relics. Third, it's just one of the toughest Decks to wrap their heads around, with a relatively rare "Hard" difficulty rating.

9 Yasuo

Yasuo, the Mirage Unit currently running wild in TFT, is also a heavy board-control dependant Deck in PoC that basically forces players to patiently defend against summoned enemy cards and hold on until they're able to level him up. That said, it does feel really good to play this Deck well, as it's centered on canceling and punishing the adversary for failing to do anything.

But all that said, Yasuo's Star Power, Follow the Wind, is built on hurting/disabling enemy cards rather than the Nexus, which means it's mostly on the cards a player picks up along a run to do the "real" damage to each enemy.

8 Garen

Garen is one of the first "unit-buffing" Champs included on this list, alongside other options like Vi, Bard, and technically Darius. However, unlike Bard, Garen is able to go on the offensive earlier thanks to low-Cost early game Spells like Single Combat. De addition, Garen's Elite-type Units self-scale by attacking through his Star Power, Demacian Might, while Bard slowly relies on draws and Chimes.

Garen is still a Mana Curve character who only gets around five additional mena, but it falls pretty short in comparison to Champs who can do much more, much earlier.

7 Lux

Lux appears to be another mid-to-late-game ramp Deck like Garen and Bard, but that's not the case. Lux has a lot of experience working on more cards in the early rounds, including by activating her Star Power 2, Pushing My Limits, and this allows her to go on the offensive.

The big spells, the guaranteed Golden Aegis, and board control of the Lux Deck are all shockingly strong by default, and only become more powerful as more Champ Levels, Reliks, and Powers are added into the mix.

6 Vi

Vi, on paper, should not be a Champion rated this high up. However, because she can be viewed as a mid-game Deck or a full aggressive early-game Deck, Vi's versatility offers him a lot of bonus points.

Star Power 1, Relentless Force, rewards players who stay their strongest partner alive for more rounds as Impact stacks. Finally, Star Power 2, Piltover's Finest, allows Vi to begin ramping up. And finally, Star Power 3, Relentless Force II, allows Vi to deal twice as much damage with Impact.

5 Illaoi

Because of Illaoi's Level 2 Card Skill, the Illaoi Deck has by far the most challenging finishing move out of any PoC character. However, Illaoi is also likely the Champ in PoC that is most dependent on having her Star Level rank up using the Star Fragment system.

Illaoi must sort of tank damage until she can get off the line. While Nagakabouros' Champion is a bit of a Bruiser in TFT, she's not extra tanking in PoC.

4 Jhin

Jhin is a great option for people who love having a hundred different spells and effects go off at once. When Lotus Trap, Curtain Call, Captive Audience, and other abilities are all in line to activate, it truly feels like the player is following up on a perfectly planned. That said, it's also a deck similar to Illaoi that really rely on Star Powers, and is very difficult to use to its fullest base level.

3 Annie

Annie is sort of a middle child between a Star Level-dependant Deck like Jhin/Illaoi and a obviously broken Deck like Jinx. It's simple to say that Annie is comparable to Illaoi without her first Star Power, Pyromania, and Annie isn't worth much.

As soon as Annie arrives at 1-Star, she's even more afloat to play. Annie is able to do more with her already absurd Mana Curve, which can be synchronized well with a slew of support champs, powers, and spells.

2 Darius

The Darius + The Curator's Gatebreaker combo allows Darius to attack the enemy Nexus automatically for one reason and one reason.

Combine that with the fact that Darius will auto-level first if the enemy Nexus is under 50 percent HP before hitting it, the ability to put stat-buffing items on Darius, or Passive Powers like Stabilize, and it's obvious why Darius is so high. Even outside of the Champion Card, Darius just has incredibly powerful Units that don't cost much, work extremely well with Trifarian Might, and have a lot of versatility.

1 Jinx

Jinx is already able to defeat opponents by playing cards with her Star Power, but what's the Worst that Can Happen?, 1 and 2, but with The Loose Cannon's Payload Relic, she can literally remove every combat in the first or second turn without even trying. In the end, this constant chilling of damage seems more like something Bel' Veth would do as a playable character than Piltover herself.

Jinx discards her hand completely and substitutes it with 1 Cost Pow-Pow Cards. Even though this sounds powerful, it's only half of it. Because she discards her entire hand, her Star Power triggers for every card discarded, and Jinx herself auto-levels once her hand is technically "empty." Jinx is also looking for the second Star Power, Wreak Havoc, and is now number 1 in Wild Rift.

Legends of Runeterrais is now available on PC, Android, and iOS.