The Ledyba Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO: Date, Bonus, and Is There Something Shiny Ledyba?

The Ledyba Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO: Date, Bonus, and Is There Something Shiny Ledyba? ...

Everything you need to know about the next Ledyba Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO, including if you can get a shiny version!

Every week, Pokemon GO releases one particular Pokemon into the spotlight. For one hour only, the selected Pokemon will spawn significantly more often.

This is great for players who desire to get a shiny version of the Pokemon, or for trainers who want a powerful version of it for fighting!

Mon Ledyba, a Bug/Flying style, is set for the first Spotlight Hour of July 2022. Here's all you need to know about the event!

Check out the full Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule for July 2022!

Date and Time for the Ledyba Spotlight in Pokemon GO On July 5

On July 5, the Pokemon GO Ledyba Spotlight Hour will begin at 6 PM local time and finish at 7 PM.

Ledyba will be spawning much more frequently for this hour, making it much simpler to catch Ledyba and grow it into Ledian.

Plus, you'll be able to power up these Pokemon using the Candies you get just in time for the next Pokemon GO July Battle Weekend!

Plus, the Ledyba Spotlight Hour reward is fantastic if you want to level up. You'll earn double XP for getting Pokemon!

Most players want the answer to this question: if Ledyba will be shiny in the Spotlight Hour or not!

Make sure to include in the Pokemon GO July Community Day!

In Pokemon GO, there is a shiny version of Ledyba, and youll be able to catch it during the Spotlight Hour.

The luxurious version of Ledyba is a much darker orange than the standard one. This makes it one that any shiny collector will want to catch.

The Pokemon GO 2022 Anniversary event will begin the day after this Spotlight Hour!

This event will bring back some classic Legendaries to the Pokemon GO Legendary and Mega Raid Schedule!

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