In Airbnb Showerhead, the TikTok Star alleges he has a camera hidden

In Airbnb Showerhead, the TikTok Star alleges he has a camera hidden ...

When it comes to traveling on vacation or even in general, discovering a safe and comfortable location is a priority. When Nathan Triska finds a hidden camera in his Airbnb, the TikTok star recounts his experiences with the owner and his alleged discovery.

Airbnbs are a popular alternative to hotels where individuals may rent their apartments, condos, or residences to them. The idea is that guests will have a similar experience as when they are staying at a normal bed and breakfast, but they also get the whole residence to themselves during their stay. Nathan Triska is a TikTok star and actor who has released his latest feature on YouNow and Netflix. He currently has 10 million followers.

Nathan Triska, who plays the DJ on an Airbnb, claims to have discovered a hidden camera in the shower head. Upon returning to TikTok, he reportedly tried to contact the owner of the property, and after receiving a message from an unknown person, explaining it. He then returned the vehicle to TikTok, claiming that one of his tires was pulled off, cracking the rim. Moral of the story: Be very careful where you stay and when you stay.

Although the shower is pretty private, this Airbnb owner allegedly profited from that privacy. If the claim is true, it's difficult to imagine how long Triska got away with concealing a camera in his shower head before returning to the property. Some TikTok stars are also known for their bizarre parties, so having cameras inside the residence is not going too far.

This is a tragic sequence of events that might have resulted in something terrible if Triska hadn't noticed his tire was slashed and the rim was cracked. Airbnbs are generally seen as safe, but reality is that guests are staying in the same house they don't know, thus there is a possibility that they aren't as safe in their own houses. It's also crazy to think that internet celebrities like CodeMiko are often not even safe.