Mythic Heroes offer free diamonds and summon scrolls

Mythic Heroes offer free diamonds and summon scrolls ...

We added new Mythic Heroes codes to our list on July 12, 2022.

Even if youre AFK with Mythic Heroes, you can assemble an army of gods, create a powerful squad, and earn rewards. This idle RPG has a slew of unique dungeons for you to explore, includes a global server chat to make new friends and start your own guild, and many ways to improve each of your heroes.

You'll need a lot of in-game currency to summon more characters and improve. So here's how we get started. Our list of mythic Heroes codeslist includes free summon scrolls, diamonds, and even a little bit of gold to spend on anything you desire.

Check out our Mythic Heroes tier lists to get more free stuff, as long as you have more time to spare. We recommend you check out our Sprite Fantasiacodes, and Genshin Impact codes lists. We also recommend that you check out our Mythic Heroes tier list, so you can check back frequently, as we will update this guide as soon as a new code arrives.

Here are the latest Mythic Heroes codes

Codes for Active Persons

  • FB100K 1,000 diamonds(new!)
  • THANKYOUALL 2,000 diamonds(new!)
  • GRR2W 400 diamonds(new!)
  • NJ1RF 400 diamonds(new!)
  • RGRS5 400 diamonds
  • HBDIGG16 1,000 diamonds
  • MH8888 20 standard summon scrolls
  • MH7777 3,000 diamonds

Codes for expired purposes:

  • EVJ2S
  • FN5K3
  • F3SDF
  • 3BV5A
  • D2H4H
  • SW3GC
  • Q9AF3
  • 8EUBF
  • CG1F3
  • XZ432
  • 9BV3G
  • 43XH8
  • 5V2GK
  • 8UYMF
  • 1CODES
  • CODES2
  • CODES1
  • 7TGDV
  • FFDG8
  • E8CL3
  • SH47G
  • HQUM1
  • YUME3
  • 5GS26
  • GVCE4
  • MYTH1
  • KVCQ9
  • DBKW6
  • 8LMVS
  • XMAS
  • JP3EX
  • XT34S
  • ZJAL8
  • WBA2M
  • YQ44F
  • FLY4D
  • B35L4
  • 9DDBE
  • YZ5XM
  • 7ZDWM
  • MH8888
  • E5OVG
  • WL5UP
  • O8FYX
  • WZG7V
  • 76HLV
  • ISVQ6
  • LU93I

What are Mythic Heroes codes?

Mythic Heroes codes give you in-game freebies, such as diamonds, summon scrolls, and gold. Make sure you check back here from time to time to pick up the goodies as soon as they become available.

How do I redeem Mythic Heroes codes?

In order to redeem your Mythic Heroes codes, you must follow these steps.

  • Open Mythic Heroes
  • Press your player icon in the top-left corner of the screen
  • Push Code
  • Enter your Mythic Heroes code
  • Touch confirm

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