Season 2 of The Winx Saga has confirmed its release date, citing 'new threats'

Season 2 of The Winx Saga has confirmed its release date, citing 'new threats' ...

Fans of fairy supernatural drama will receive an exciting update from the Winx Saga.

On September 16, Netflix's fantasy teen drama will return for a second season, inspired by Nickelodeon's Winx Club.

The news was also included in a featurette, giving a glimpse of what the newly-winged Bloom (Abigail Cowen) and the rest of the group are up to next.

Cowen adds in a video showing footage of the fairies out and about Alfea that "we have new villains."

"We have new students to the school," she said, adding that popular animated series Flora would make her comeback this season, played by Paulina Chavez.

"I'm excited for fans to see her magic," Chavez declares in the video.

During the first season, fans were dissatisfied with the absence of Terra (Eliot Salt) who suggested she be a stand-in for her Latina cousin.

"I think it's very important that we get to see [Terra and Flora together] and if we get a season two, that's my greatest hope," Salt told Digital Spy and other outlets at the time.

Season 2 of The Winx Saga will introduce new characters, including Headmistress Rosalind (Good Omens' Miranda Richardson) and Professor Harvey (Daniel Betts), as well as new students Grey, played by Brandon Grace, and Sebastian, played by Normal People's Eanna Hardwicke.

Grey and Sebastian might have a romantic connection with some of the main characters, although it isn't clear who they might be yet.

"You can expect epic fights and lots of steamy romance," Stella actress Hannah van der Westhuysen said in the teaser, hinting some potentially exciting happenings.

Season 2 of Netflix of Fate: The Winx Saga will be released on September 16th. The first season is now available for viewing.