Amelia Spencer of Emmerdale responds to concerns about her child's father

Amelia Spencer of Emmerdale responds to concerns about her child's father ...

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Amelia Spencer has addressed questions about her child's father in Emmerdale.

Charity saw the youngster at the clinic earlier this week, she was reluctant to confide in anyone about her pregnancy.

Even though the teen slammed the pursuit, Charity assumed Noah was Amelia's father.

Noah was released from prison after serving time for stalking Chloe Harris again on Thursday's (July 28) double bill.

Noah was stunned when his mother Charity revealed Amelia's pregnancy and accused him of being the father at an awkward homecoming with Amelia and Mack. Noah's mother Charity shocked Noah, as he denied having ever slept with Amelia.

Amelia ran out in shock, followed by a furious Charity. She admitted she should have told Charity sooner about Noah, but she needed someone in her corner.

"I was just scared," she said. "I never intended to cause any harm."

Amelia states that her child's father is "just a dude from church" who "probably wouldn't care" about her pregnancy if he knew.

Amelia managed to settle things out between Charity and Noah, then went on a walk with her pal to talk things through.

Noah was quite understanding of Noah's misidentification. Amelia explains why she's begun planning to keep the child, but is concerned about being able to provide for it.

Noah urged Amelia not to make any decisions about her pregnancy in the hurry. Perhaps "God has given" her the child for a reason.

"If he has, then maybe one day I'll discover why," she said.

She decided: "I'm going to keep this baby," despite Noah's encouragement.

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