Bill Fellows, who plays Stu and Ken on Coronation Street, wants more Stu and Ken scenes

Bill Fellows, who plays Stu and Ken on Coronation Street, wants more Stu and Ken scenes ...

Bill Fellows, who plays William Roache on Coronation Street, is hoping to collaborate on more scenes with soap icon William Roache.

Stu Carpenter, his character, has bonded with Ken Barlow during their few interactions, but Stu has had a lot on his plate lately.

Stu is still contemplating a new life and a possible Yasmeen Metcalfe romance, while also pondering the possibility of reconnecting with a long-lost daughter.

Fellows said he'd like to see Stu's connection with Ken and his surrogate daughter Kelly Neelan strengthen in the next few months.

"He's a bit of a father figure with Kelly," he said to Digital Spy and other media. "He was out on the streets for a while and learned how to deal with himself. When he met Kelly, he knew she was vulnerable, young, and a woman as well.

"Stu took a shine to her because of that, to protect her," says the man who cares for her. "There's a huge difference in age, but it's good."

"Working with Ken William Roache is amazing, what an iconic moment." I was raised on Corrie and I hope we can collaborate on more. Bill said to me: "I like this guy, he's great for Corrie."

The actor mentioned that watching Coronation Street has been a family tradition throughout his life.

"It's all my family's attention, and whenever I travel to them, we'll watch it too," he said. "It'd be dishonest to say I watched it all the time!"

"My era was Ena Sharples, that's the way I remember it very well." "When I first saw the set, I was amazed at how wonderful it was in the back alley!"

"Fortunately for me, the family loves him." I said to my sister, 'I'm working with Max who plays Corey,' and she continued to insist that she doesn't like him. I had to keep saying, 'I know you don't like Corey, but Max is a fantastic actor!'

"I think my family loves that Stu is a decent character, and everyone is so invested in it, my sister even commented on how Stu should not have been drinking Speed Daal the other day!" "It's amazing how invested people get, everyone talks about the characters as though they're real."

"She loved Imran for a long time, but then he died in the end!" They all love the program. I've done some wonderful work in the past, but for my family, I've arrived now. According to them, at the age of 65, I've established myself properly as an actor.

"I've done a fair bit of work, but I've never had a large profile like what I have now. Everyone wants selfies with me everywhere I go, and everyone's so kind." I wonder, if I were playing a villain, would it be the same? Perhaps because Stu is fragile but also decent, people are much more pleasant."

Coronation Street airs on ITV Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8pm, and it also airs on the ITV Hub.

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