Recap of The Resort's Premiere: Two Missing Teens and a Mutilated Corpse at the Center of a Peacock Mystery Grade It!

Recap of The Resort's Premiere: Two Missing Teens and a Mutilated Corpse at the Center of a Peacock  ...

A cold case at Peacocks The Resort gives a disenchanted couple a reason to hold on a while longer.

Emma and Noah Reid, the couple who have been married for ten years, are in desperate need of a checkup by the time their shuttle arrives in Bahia del Paraiso. On their first night, Noah passes out on the couch and Emma goes to the pool, where she takes an online quiz to determine whether or not she should end the relationship. She clearly hasnt thought that far ahead.

Emma falls on an ATV and finds an old Motorola Razr and sends it back to the hotel. Later that night, while Noah is fast asleep, Emma goes to town and purchases a working Razr. In the year 2022, she inserts the SIM card from the broken flip phone and voila: a 15-year-old, unsolved mystery is solved.

Sam (Skyler Gisondo) was a college student who visited the Oceana Vista resort on Christmas Eve 2007, along with his mother Jan (Becky Ann Baker) and his girlfriend Hanna (Debby Ryan), who had been cheating on him with her professor. The following morning, Sam was gone. No note, no nothing. Hed just gone! Later that day, another college guest Violet (Nina Bloomgarden), who had been vacationing with her father Murray (Nick Offerman), was reported missing.

But wait, there's more! A dead guy washed up on the shore after the storm passed. His body was so badly mutilated that the authorities couldnt produce a proper identification.

Emma is determined to find out why Sam and Violet went missing and find out whether the corpse was in some way connected to their disappearance. After seeing how much it means to his wife, Noah accepts to assist her in her investigations, provided she authorizes them to depart the island later that week.

A photograph on Sam's phone suggests that Emma and Noah met at some point during their voyage. A flashback, however, gives us reason to believe that both Oceana Vista maid-turned-security chief Baltasar, and former Oceana Vista security chief Mendez, were up to no good.

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